‘Bias’: Yankees GM Brian Cashman responds to Astros owner Jim Crane’s sign-stealing remarks.

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has refuted Astro owner Jim Crane’s comments about the sign-stealing scandal. And Cashman doesn’t buy it.

Before the Yankees met the White Sox, Cashman told Guaranteed Late Field on Thursday that “I don’t think anyone’s going to dance to his song.” “I’d say it’s a bias. He’s probably trying to equate 162 felonies like … parking tickets.”

Cashman answered. USA TODAY Sports’ Bob Nightengale built a crane, this week. Cashman had previously cited the Astros’ 2017 sign-stealing scandal as a factor in the Yankees’ championship drought.

“Stopping (2017 Yankees) was so illegal and terrible,” Cashman told The Athletic before the season began. “So it hurts to hear that we haven’t been to the World Series since ’09.

“The only thing that derailed us was the cheating that betrayed us.”

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However, Crane cited a letter from MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred to the Yankees in 2017 that was released last month. The Yankees used replay review rooms and dugout phones to decode signs in 2015-2016.and was fined $100,000.

“I found his opinion very strange” Crane told USA TODAY Sports.. “There’s a letter, and so did you. You were there. What are you talking about?

“If I were one of the teams and had known that our team was cheating, I would have shut up and did our job. But listen. You only have control over what happens here. You can do it. What other people do. do not control it.”

Cashman continued his thoughts on Crane’s comments.

“Nobody’s going to buy a song he sings, nobody’s going to dance to it,” Cashman said. “And the reason I equated this with a felony and a parking violation, you remember, is that they lost years of first-round first-round picks, were fined millions of dollars, and decided to fire their managers and general managers for their actions. There’s no equivalent. So that’s why I say it’s biased. Nobody buys it. Nobody sings to that dance tune. What it is. But I applaud his attempt.”

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