Biden signs $40 billion Ukraine aid package

US President Joe Biden has signed a $40 billion package that will send military and humanitarian assistance against Russia’s continuing attack on Ukraine.

Former Vice President Biden was in Seoul on Saturday. signed the bill It is expected to be evenly distributed between humanitarian and military assistance.

The package is expected to authorize the transfer of $11 billion of U.S. military arms and other supplies, and $9 billion will be used to replace military equipment sent from the U.S. stockpile.

Ukraine will also receive $8.8 billion in economic aid and $6 billion in support and training of Ukrainian troops.

It also includes food aid and medical services for Ukrainian and U.S. military intelligence and deployment. Smaller amounts are paid out to various U.S. agencies.

The package signing is done as Biden takes the following actions: repair US relations By expanding the ROK-U.S. combined military exercise following the Trump administration’s difficult relationship,

Former Vice President Biden met with President Yun Seok-yeol on Saturday to discuss a number of topics, including direct communication with North Korea’s supreme leader.

Former Vice President Joe Biden pointed out that the United States had recently provided North Korea with a COVID-19 vaccine, but there was no response.

“The South Korea-US alliance is stronger, more vibrant and more important than ever,” former Vice President Biden said at a press conference in Seoul.

Former Vice President Biden also emphasized the importance of the continued presence of US forces in Korea.

“It symbolizes our strength and lasting strength, the continuity of our alliance and our readiness to meet any threat,” he said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden will visit Japan on Sunday to meet Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and leaders of Australia and India.

US President Joe Biden speaks after visiting Samsung Electronics’ Pyeongtaek factory for his visit to Korea. Photo: AFP / Saul Rob

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