Big guns and small drones have become a devastating combo in Ukraine.

A small team of soldiers controls drones from off-road vehicles near the front lines, passing location and terrain data to artillery batteries via Telegram’s military channels.

“They’re giving us real-time information,” said Iakovenko. “Okay, 100 meters to the left, 50 meters to the right.”

Ulrike Franke, a Senior Policy Fellow of the European Council on Foreign Relations and an expert on the use of UAVs in conflict, says the Ukrainian military has made greater innovation than its Russian adversaries in integrating this technology into armed responses. said to have shown.

“We’re seeing drones being used not just with drones, but with other systems like artillery,” she said.

“That’s why we create potentially revolutionary technology, not just by putting new technology in the field, but by the way we use it. For drones used with artillery, it’s a system used in a new way that really has an impact,” said Franke.

Ukrainian use of drones goes beyond helping target artillery. Franke spoke of the UAV’s role in the reported sinking of the Russian warship Moskva. presumed to be placed as bait To deceive the ship’s air defense systems – demonstrated versatility during a collision. Britain’s Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday that Ukraine was using drones Russian air defense and attack on supply ships.

“They’re generally defending their territories that make you more innovative, and civilian volunteers are more likely to use them in ways the military doesn’t usually do,” Franke said.

According to Iakovenko, UAVs are also being used in eastern Ukraine to limit friendly fire accidents and avoid collateral damage, as well as providing higher accuracy to artillery.

“Ukrainians are fighting in our land. Our goal is to minimize damage to infrastructure and avoid possible civilian casualties,” he said. “Using drones allows us to attack with maximum precision and limit damage to our infrastructure.”

However, he admitted that Russia is also using UAVs to good effect in conflict. It is difficult to obtain figures, but 50+ Drones Russia has been documented defeated as the invasion suggests that Russia is a key part of its military operations.

The surveillance and reconnaissance benefits drones provide are meaningless without heavy artillery to back them up, which was a problem for Ukraine at the beginning of the conflict.

Mark Cancian, senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, said initially that the main task for Ukraine and its allies was to acquire Soviet standard shells for the D-30 howitzers already in hand in Kyiv. This shell has a diameter of 152 mm and cannot be fired by NATO standard heavy guns with a gauge of 155 mm.

Regarding Soviet standard weapons, Cancian said, “There aren’t many places you can get them outside of Russia and China.

“That’s one reason why the US and other countries provide NATO standards to Ukraine, because there are so many countries around the world that make them,” he said.

in recent weeks Us, france And Germany All provided heavy artillery systems to Ukraine. provided by Canada M777 cannonGuided projectiles can be fired, and the United States followsaid Kansian.

Cancian, a retired US Marine colonel, said the arrival of heavy weapons from NATO allies would allow Ukraine to replenish its ammunition on a regular basis.

“This is especially important if you think the war will last for a long time,” he said.

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