Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford have been criticized by fans for their disturbing Halloween costumes.

This Halloween, Billie Eilish’s rumored boyfriend revealed that 20-year-old ‘Happier Than Ever’ singer and Neighborhood frontman Jesse Rutherford, 31, were spotted by fans at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Night in Los Angeles over the weekend. no see. . In a photo posted by Pop Crave, Billie Eilish and ‘Sweater Weather’ beauty, dressed in childhood clothes, turned into an old man, seemingly mocking the age difference between the two. did. Billie Eilish wore an oversized baby bonnet over white leggings complete with adult diapers and pink bunny shoes, and Jesse Rutherford wore a bald hat and frills on her forehead. Neither Billie Eilish nor Jesse Rutherford posted anything about the outfit on their social media accounts, but fans on Twitter were not exactly intrigued by the attempted joke.

Billie Eilish is so sad. She thinks she’s grown up to be big and bad, ridiculing her haters, but she’s just showing her own immaturity and making her remarks. Jesse is totally f–g disgusting and weird. The user slammed the costume for Fk agreeing to it. Idk if Jesse Rutherford understands this, but another user said that dressing up in an outfit mocking his grooming allegations is exactly what a groomer does. Every grown-up in Billie Eilish’s life has let her down. For what reason does she continue to allow her to be intimate with men who are 10 years older than her? Nevertheless, some fans found the costume funny. I mean, they’re mocking people who make pointless evaluations of their relationships. So one fan made her own remarks and suggested it as a way to make her jokes a lot smarter.

Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford had a blast with their Halloween costumes.

A photo of Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford dressed up as a baby and an old man amid criticism that they are 10 years apart has been criticized on social media. In mid-October, it was reported that the vocalists began a romance after several media outlets showed Billie Eilish kissing Neighborhood frontman Jesse Rutherford while touring the Los Angeles Studio City area. As People Magazine pointed out, Billie Eilish, 20, and Rutherford, 31, were shot on the sidewalk after eating at a nearby Indian restaurant, Lal Mirch. The two were also caught having a meal together at the Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles on October 13th. The next day, they were seen together at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, an annual Halloween themed event in Los Angeles. A fan who saw this shared a video of TikTok holding hands. While the two have not yet publicly commented on their relationship, fans are continuing to talk about the age difference between the two. Jesse Rutherford will turn 31 in August and Billie Eilish will turn 21 in December.

On Sunday, Pop Crave shared separate photos of Billie Eilish and Jesse Rutherford dressed up as babies and old men during the Halloween festivities. Billie wrote in a tweet posted by a detractor that he had grown up enough to see how bizarre and terrifying this is. Than Jesse Rutherford dating a 20-something [year] Old and simply quit THE F*** Down He and Billie dress up as babies and old men… Billie Eilish was previously associated with rapper Q, whose real name was Brandon Adams. She dated celebrity Matthew Tyler Boss from late 2021 to May 2022, according to People. Jesse Rutherford dated model and entrepreneur Devon Lee Carlson from 2015 to 2021. They were named ‘Most Couples of 2019’ by GQ. A year later, they teamed up with Marc Jacobs to plan a special version of the Valentine’s Day shirt.

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