Billie Eilish’s wax figure is wrong again.

The new wax figure of the Grammy-winning singer upset Billie Eilish’s devoted followers because they thought she looked much older.

What was the wax monument Billie Eilish?

The wax monument of R&B legend Billie Eilish was horribly wrong when it was unveiled at the Barcelona Wax Museum in 2020. New wax figures were on display at the Hollywood Wax Museum over the weekend. It seems that the creators did not understand the work because he was once again severely ridiculed for doing something wrong.

A few images of Billie Eilish’s new wax figure have appeared on the internet, outraging avid followers of the singer who thought the Grammy-winning artist was much older. A singer-songwriter in his twenties dressed casually with a new wax figure. She performed at Glastonbury 2022 in England the day before.

Billie Eilish fans mocked the artist.

A new wax figure from the Hollywood Wax Museum depicts the singer with blonde hair covering her forehead. The figure features the singer’s sombre expression, which has been the subject of widespread rumors on the Internet. The wax imitation was given a pair of gloves with the singer’s name in capital letters. The statue of Billie Eilish is wearing a baggy outfit that matches her hair tone. Social media netizens ridiculed it for resembling the 50-year-old singer’s new wax figure.

What do fans say about the wax monument Billie Eilish?

One fan commented on Billie Eilish’s new wax figure, “Yeah, it’s Billie Eilish when she turns 50. Someday everyone will agree that wax dolls shouldn’t be made anymore. Another netizen commented, “Everything is cool except the face, 10-20 years old, and his face looks so old.” One netizen was a borrower in his 40s who joked, “If the wax doll hadn’t had her eyes half-closed, her identity would not have been known.” “That’s not Billy, he’s a bully,” the fan said in a tweet, adding, “I think your face is too big or too wide?” Lips, nose, eyes are all good, but the face is… strange.



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