Black Adam Villain Revealed: Sabbac First Look

The villain from the upcoming Black Adam movie finally comes through a toy. Yes, The Rock’s upcoming film has been spotlighted as a long-secret villain. But now it looks like everyone can get a glimpse of it. This is because fans are curious about the identity of the villain to be revealed. Here are some possible hints about the villains in the movie.

Read ahead to learn more about Black Adam’s villain.

movie black adam and his arrival

DC fans are always looking for superhero movies to watch. Well, although there are many superhero movies lining up to get to the big screen. One of the long-awaited ones is Black Adam. Yes, the film is slated to star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and is arousing a lot of curiosity among fans.

Aside from that, the film was good at keeping its characters and story secret. In fact, there was little or no information about who could be the villain of this film. Well, we can find out about that on October 21st this year. Because that’s the expected release date. But recently we got a hint about the villain of the movie.

Black Adam’s villain turns out to be a toy.

A few months apart with the release of the Black Adam movie. We have not yet received any official confirmation of who will play the villain in the film. Occasionally we had rumors that Marwan Kenzari would play the villain. But that was not confirmed either.

But now, on July 7th, a character from the Black Adam movie appeared briefly on the DCEU Twitter account. But the characters were in the form of toys. The character’s name was “Sabak”. Sabak, who cannot be left out, is Black Adam’s greatest enemy. The character is also Shazam’s enemy.

A Little About Black Adam’s Character Sabak

The characters in the Black Adam movie “Sabak” are powerful characters. This character is similar to Shazam’s because, like Shazam, he can transform from a human form. Sabak also possesses numerous demonic powers.

One of those powers is “Satan’s invincible power.” Its other power is the “Fire Power of Beelzebub”. So it has a lot of potential in the movie Black Adams.

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