BLACKPINK at the Bst Hyde Park Festival: Tickets, Prices, Dates and Where to Buy

The famous girl group BLACKPINK will attend the upcoming BST Hyde Park Festival. Well, the announcement of the group has certainly made their fans very excited to witness it. If you want to enjoy the event. Then here’s everything you need to know about it.

Read in advance for details about BLACKPINK to perform at the BST Hyde Park Festival.

BLACKPINK BST Hyde Park Festival Schedule Announced

The BST Hyde Park Festival is one of the long-awaited events scheduled to be held in 2023. Well, more fans than the festival are expecting BLACKPINK to be a part of it. Luckily, the date has been announced for everyone.

So you can display the calendar for July 2nd, 2023. As of this date, BLACKPINK will perform at the BST Hyde Park Festival. It’s really exciting for all the fans of the girl group. There are also more of the same updates.

What is special about BLACKPINK BST Hyde Park Festival 2023?

The 2023 BST Hyde Park Festival will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. It’s a great opportunity for a festival. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will be the first K-pop band to attend the BST Hyde Park Festival, setting the headlines of the 2023 event.

Moreover, it is not yet known what kind of song Blackpink will present. However, fans are looking forward to Bonpink’s hit work. The band’s world tour is not to be missed. This is because they have already performed twice in Seoul. Their next event is October 25, 2022 in Dallas.

BLACKPINK BST Hyde Park Festival 2023 Ticket Information

Of course, fans have high expectations for BLACKPINK’s BST Hyde Park Festival in 2023. However, to enjoy the event, you must buy your ticket as soon as possible. So Amex pre-sales are already set up for tickets. You can get it on the Ticketmaster website.

General admission tickets will also go on sale on October 27th at 10am. So the ticket price is £101.15. Attendees under the age of 16 must attend the event with a parent or guardian.

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