Blackpink Jennie’s bathtub photo leaked, followers blocked due to leaks

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has taken some clear steps to protect the suspicion of her relationship with BTS’ V.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Jennie deletes her follower over bath photo controversy

On September 20, many fans learned that Jennie of Blackpink had unfollowed many users on her ‘private’ Instagram account.

The 26-year-old singer’s surprising move came after a photo of her in the bathtub was leaked on social media. She was blamed for the leak by a notorious hacker who identified herself as Gurumi Haribo.

Twitter account holders received tremendous backlash and hatred for making their images publicly available.

However, in August, the name of the hacker was estimated to be Lee Joo-hyung. It is presumed that V and Jenny are close friends. In addition, he is accused of leaking photos in exchange for money.

In addition, Lee Joo-hyung is known to have leaked a friendly photo of Jennie taken with BTS V.

In May 2022, after a photo of the two of them vacationing on Jeju Island was posted online, rumors of Jennie and V dating circulated on social media.

By August, more photos of the two were leaked online. One of the photos shows them hanging out in Los Angeles and the other appears to be clicked inside V’s house.

Regarding the leaked image, some fans are showing mixed reactions, claiming that the editing is severe and some claiming that it is genuine.

However, some fans have requested that all discussions be stopped on the grounds that it is the artist’s personal life.

Fans react to Jennie’s bathtub photo leak

A secret photo of Jennie was leaked and fans are outraged. While protecting Blackpink Jennie, they used social media to share their bewildered reaction.

One user said, ‘Well. You could threaten legal action against people who investigate something and also share private photos. YG is just useless as usual. Jenny’s bathtub photo has reached the point of being circulated. By now, every company should have done something.’

Another fan said, ‘The person who spreads Jennie’s photos should be seriously stopped. Posting a picture of her in her bathtub on the internet? Let’s go.’

Another fan was ‘Jenny’s photo leaked from the bathtub?? no this is too much yg must do something!’


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