BLACKPINK, PUBG comeback with time and date virtual content

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a virtual concert of BLACKPINK that you can enjoy in the popular game PUBG? Yes, that’s possible because Blackpink’s virtual concert is coming soon at PUBG. Excited to know when that could happen. Here are all the updates as to when we’ll see them.

Read more about BLACKPINK’s PUBG virtual concert in advance.

PUBG to hold Blackpink in-game virtual concert

A new trend in the gaming world now allows popular music artists to virtually rock the in-game stage. As before, Ariana Grande and Travis Scott also appeared in some games. Now it’s time for the popular K-pop girl group Black Pink to appear. Yes, Blackpink is coming to PUBG this time.

Well, unless you really want to miss them. Then make note of the time the group is likely to perform virtually. In this regard, we will inform you what kind of performances will be held at BLACKPINK’s July 22-23 and July 29-30 PUBG. North and South American dates. However, in other regions, Blackpink’s performances are scheduled for July 23-24 and July 30-31.

Black Pink
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What is special about PUBG’s Blackpink virtual concert?

Fortnight and other gaming platforms have previously held in-game concerts. This time it’s all new for PUBG. PUBG is holding its first virtual concert. However, starting July 15th you will need to purchase in-game tickets for the concert.

Also, according to Kraf ton’s press release, he said in case he attends a virtual concert. You will then receive custom costumes similar to the members performing. However, you will need to update your game to attend the concert. Also, don’t miss downloading the Concert Resource Pack.

BLACKPINK to release a new song

A collaboration between BLACKPINK and PUBG was also held in 2020. The period during which the album was released. But again, this time, apart from BLACKPINK’s virtual concert, at PUBG. We will also guide the group to a new music video or new song.

In fact, the news that BLACKPINK will release a new song only this month comes from YG Entertainment itself. So you can’t miss it.

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