BLACKPINK’s Jennie surprises her fans with a new YouTube video of her self-care routine.

Jennie of BLACKPINK, which is creating a global K-pop sensation, recently greeted fans. The K-pop sensation shared a funny video on her official YouTube account about her daily habits and her self-care routine.

Although Jenny is considered a role model and celebrity, many people are curious about her luxurious lifestyle. Being a celebrity isn’t easy for her, so Jenny provided her advice on how to keep her healthy habits and her ideas alive.

Jennie also described her new YouTube channel in her most recent video, saying that she would like to browse the comments section and read comments made by fans about herself or related to her.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie in a new YouTube video reads sincere fan comments

Blackpink Jennie’s recent YouTube video is about her daily life and her nighttime beauty treatments. She also shared some tips on daily morning rituals to enjoy after waking up.

Ice Cream croner said at the end of her self-care routine video that she’s been quite curious about the comments section since she launched her official YouTube channel. Jennie’s colleagues encouraged Jennie to instantly browse through her comments and randomly place her finger on her comments and read aloud.

As soon as Jenny heard an interesting offer, she agreed to a delightful attempt. “, she said, “Oh! I really want to do it!.”

Then, while scrolling through the comments section of her last Hawaii vlog, Jennie found a beautiful English fan comment that perfectly summed up the singer’s personality, BOOMBAYAH. “Her fashion sense is very glamorous and classy,” she said in the comments. Not only is she a celebrity, she’s just an ordinary person who likes cute things like me. Jenny, I love you!! I hope you had a wonderful time.

Jenny blushed at the touching comment from the fan, and a big smile spread across her charming face. “It’s a great statement,” she said.

Having successfully found a Korean comment, Jenny read it aloud and declared that she found a comment like a diary. One fan commented, “About Jenny’s recent trip to Hawaii, the scenery in Hawaii is breathtakingly beautiful. I wish we could be together there. Hawaii is said to be an ideal vacation destination.”

Despite the fact that the statement did not mention or explain Jenny’s name, the K-pop sensation agrees with its fans, saying that Hawaii is a beautiful and unforgettable getaway.

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