Boris: Government, ‘put arms on people like we did during covid’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the state government will “besiege the British people again, as they did during the COVID-19 crisis” amid the price and inflation crisis.

the British Prime Minister speaking At a meeting in Wales, the Conservative Party (the Tory Party) he led mandate Much like the US state government is led by a rival Labor Party.

“I can’t guarantee that we can magically spend all the money people will face as energy prices soar around the world,” Johnson said. Much of it is due to the conflict in Ukraine and the sanctions wars that Britain and Western countries have engaged in with Russia. In addition, the Prime Minister and his immediate predecessors have been pushing the long-standing green agenda. Coal Power Plant ClosingFracturing ceased, and gas and oil fields and new mines were created. It is much more difficult to open.

“As we’ve tackled Covid’s toughest challenges, we’ve got a big call. We’re going to get this country through the great challenges of the post-coronavirus aftershock, especially the pressures from rising cost of living,” the Prime Minister said. – His remark that the “big demand” of the pandemic is correct is perhaps a sloppy remark that misunderstands what can be characterized as a small request to abide by your own lockdown rules, along with yourself and dozens of others. Downing Street is The ongoing ‘partygate’ saga.

Johnson went on to assert that: Overcoming this, the market will eventually adjust, new supply will come in, and prices will come down again.”

“Over the next few months we will have to do what we did before, and we will use the fiscal firepower we have built up to help,” he added, along with promises from the nationalists.[w]We will embrace the British people again with our arms as we did during the coronavirus crisis.”

Mr Johnson also noted the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on world food prices, saying grain exports in what is known as “Europe’s breadbasket” have been severely disrupted and Russia’s grain exports have been significantly disrupted by sanctions.

The Conservative party leader recently discussed the matter directly with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday. expose They said on social media that they had “discussed how to prevent the global economic damage caused by Putin’s reckless blockade of the Black Sea port.”

“We are urgently looking at options to open important sea and overland supply routes for Ukraine’s grain silos,” Johnson added. port city.

The Ukraine war and related sanctions could add to natural problems like lack of rainfall, leading some European farmers to expect crop failures anyway, leading to a serious global food crisis.

Not only are European farmers heavily dependent on animal feed and fertilizers from Ukraine and Russia, but many countries in the already critically endangered Third World, such as Yemen, rely on imports for a huge portion of their total food supply.

“If you think there is hell on the planet right now, get ready,” David Beasley, former Republican former South Carolina governor and secretary-general of the United Nations World Food Bank, said at the end of March.

“If North Africa is neglected, North Africa will come to Europe. Ignoring the Middle East [the] The Middle East is coming to Europe,” he said, arguing that his agency would need “billions of billions” of additional funding to prevent a new immigration crisis.

Not only are these alarm bells run by cosmopolitan technocrats, they are: Earlier this month, Hungarian Conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warned.

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