Boris Johnson faces more leadership pressure as the Conservatives lose their London parliamentary trio

  • The Conservatives lost three London Parliaments in the elections, including Wandsworth and Westminster.
  • Its poor performance on national issues, including partygates and cost of living, has been criticized.
  • Conservative lawmakers are concerned about what this might mean for the general election.

The Conservatives have lost control of three major London Parliaments, including Margaret Thatcher’s favorite Wandsworth, putting more pressure on Boris Johnson’s leadership in the party’s moderates.

With Wandsworth, which has been dominated by the Conservatives since 1978, Labor took over Barnet and now controls the Westminster Council, which the Conservatives have maintained since its formation in 1964.

The Conservative Party’s concerns extended beyond the capital to Cumbria, where the Labor Party won 66% of the seats.

John Mallinson, a Conservative party member who previously served as the Carlyle City Council leader, said national issues like party gates and cost of living are responsible for the party’s poor outcome.

he’s on the bbc: “[It’s] The issue of integrity is basically I think people are no longer convinced that the Prime Minister can tell the truth.”

In Sunderland, where Labor held one seat on the city council, Antony Mullen, the leader of the Conservative Sunderland Parliament, said: told the BBC “It has suppressed our turnout,” the party said, adding that “the best chance to revive the fate of the Conservative Party will be with the new leader.”

With less than half the vote, the Conservatives will lose about 250 seats across the UK, according to polling expert Sir John Curtis.

However, this is not as bad as we feared. Much of the Conservative’s suffering was felt in London and the South.

One Conservative MP told an insider that the party now fears losing many of the remaining parliamentary seats in the capital in the general election. Potential positions for them include Theresa Villiers’ Chipping Barnet, Nickie Aiken’s Two Cities, and Iain Duncan Smith’s Chingford and Woodford Green.

Another backventure suggested that the results could lead to a letter of distrust that has so far been shaken. Others have previously told Insider that local elections will be the deciding factor in the next step.

On Thursday, Insider revealed that Boris Johnson is considering an early election, perhaps as early as this summer, to avoid two threats: one that is facing economic deterioration and the other is that he faces a vote for his leadership.

In 1922, when the chairman of the committee, Sir Graham Brady, receives 54 letters, voting begins. A growing number of Conservatives are publicly calling for Johnson’s resignation..

The move risks sacrificing several seats, including Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab and the seats mentioned above, but the prime minister says he is considering “taking it to the people” rather than leaving it in the hands of lawmakers for storage. his career.

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