Boris Johnson says cheese is a distraction when working from home, so people have to go back to work.

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged British people to return to work.
  • He said he and others were distracted by things like making coffee at home and making cheese in the refrigerator.
  • He said people “cut out small pieces of cheese” and then forget what they were doing.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged British people to return to work, fearing that cheese may distract them at home. According to the Daily Mail.

In an interview with the outlet, Johnson said he and others would “cut small pieces of cheese” instead of focusing.

“My experience with telecommuting is that you spend a ton of time making another cup of coffee, and then, you know, you get up and very slowly walk to the fridge, shred small pieces of cheese and then very slowly come back home. I turn it on and forget what I’m doing, so I trust the work environment,” he told the outlet.

In general, Johnson commented on the cost of living in the UK and said it’s time to rejuvenate the city center by getting people back to work.

“There will be a lot of people who disagree with me, but I believe people are more productive, more energetic and full of ideas when they are surrounded by other people,” he added.

Prime Minister Johnson is not the first world leader to call for a national return to face-to-face work. US President Joe Biden said in March that “it’s time for Americans to go back to work and repopulate our great inner city.”

Some companies in the private sector hope to lure people back to the office, but companies such as AirbnbTwitter, Spotify move to the post-in-office future, allowing permanent remote work for employees, According to CNBC.

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