Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young Join Season 6 of ‘Selling Sunset’ on Netflix

Nicole Young and Bre Tiesi will join ‘Selling Sunset’. Models and real estate agents join cast members Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Rae Young and Emma Hernan in seasons 6 and 7 of the popular Netflix reality TV series.

She had an industry as fantastic as modeling, but the 31-year-old model, who recently welcomed her son Legendary with Nick Cannon, told PEOPLE about the hiring: “You know, I’m 31 now. So I think, “Now is the time to grow!”

She went on to refer to herself as a “multitasker,” and speaking to publications, mentioning that she was feeding her young son. “I think it would be really useful to have other women go through or go through the same thing,” she said. “Motherhood is undoubtedly a completely different world,” she said.

Thiesse has declared an interest in acting on reality TV.

“I want to do something,” she said. “It can be a little bit more business-structured without being too swayed from a practical point of view.” The speaker said, “I don’t know if the atmosphere of the housewives is exactly right, but what is in between, who I am and real life are in harmony.”

She also hinted that fans now know about her role in Selling Sunset by saying that she will return to work sooner than expected after giving birth to the baby.

A new face for viewers, Young is the most productive and longest-running real estate agent in the Oppenheim Group with $100 million in sales. Several of her current cast members are also close to her. She also officiated at Mary Fitzgerald and Romain Bonnet’s 2019 wedding.

About Bre Tiesi and Nicole Young

Although she has years of experience in the real estate industry, she is not officially registered as an agent on the website of the California-based Oppenheim Group. According to her professional biography, Tiesi “understands the diverse neighborhoods of this world-class metropolis and the rich architectural diversity that makes Los Angeles a great place to work and call home.”

Before developing “Cold Feet,” Nicole revealed that he was “in the beginning… part of the main cast” of the Netflix series. In a conversation with Us Weekly, she told Us Weekly, “Obviously I’m going to bring a lot of real estate to the table. I’m very excited… I’m very excited about not only real estate but my clients and relationships with them, because in the end, relationships are all about real estate.” This is the most important aspect.”

The new cast said, “As far as drama is concerned, I fully admit that it is an essential part of a drama, but my skin is relatively thick.

Nicole, a founding member of the Oppenheim Group, was offered a casting opportunity for Season 1 of ‘Sell the Sunset’, but turned it down. Nicole is a real estate agent. According to her company website, she is “a dedicated and strong supporter for the best interests of her clients” and she “has an unparalleled ability to negotiate and come up with original ideas to close any deal.” “

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