Brendan Langley was arrested after beating a United Airlines employee in a bloody fight at Newark airport.

Recently in Newark, a United Airlines employee and former NFL player Brendan Langley were seen in a viral video speaking word of mouth. The incident happened last week. The video has been circulating the internet, collecting topics all over the place. But what exactly happened between Langley and the United Airlines staff?

Read ahead to learn more about the former NFL player in his fight against United Airlines staff.

A fight between a United Airlines employee and a former NFL player has been reported.

The Daily Mail reported that the fight between ex-NFL player Brendan Langley and a United Airlines employee took place at the airline’s baggage drop-off desk. It happened on May 19th at Newark Airport, New Jersey.

The name of the United Airlines employee involved in the fight has not yet been released. In fact, after the incident was reported, Langley was arrested on May 19 for engaging in an argument. Meanwhile, reports indicate that a United Airlines employee was later admitted to the hospital with injuries. However, the port authorities did not charge the staff.

Video of an argument between Brendan Langley and a United Airlines employee has gone viral.

A fight scene between a United Airlines employee and Brendan Langley is floating around the internet. It was not disclosed how the fight began. In fact, it showed that the airport staff involved in the fight was the one who hit Brendan first. This can be seen in the virus footage.

Because there are fights on both sides. However, other airport staff tried to stop the quarrel during the incident. But it didn’t stop unless the airport police came. Meanwhile, airport authorities said in a statement that they were investigating the matter. They also said they do not tolerate any form of violence.

What happened to the United Airlines employee involved in the brawl?

Airport authorities did not disclose the names of the personnel involved in the incident. However, there are reports that the employee no longer works there after this incident.

But it seems they haven’t charged him with anything so far. Meanwhile, Langley was arrested after this incident. His videos at Newark Airport are all going by word of mouth. Also, there have been no other updates so far.

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