British Parliament claims 3-month-old baby is racially biased: report

A London parliamentarian has previously exposed a report claiming that babies under three months of age are racially biased.

London’s Islington Council has in the past published allegations that babies under three months of age may exhibit racial bias, calling for extremely young children to talk about “racial” issues.

This post was recently exposed by reporters. telegraph The paper came after it had previously discovered that many committees across the UK had hired the services of “Maoist” anti-white organizations to provide racial awareness training to nursery staff.

According to report Announced on Saturday, one of the committees leveraging diversity education services provided by so-called Black Nursery Manager Consulting has previously argued that three-month-olds may be racially biased towards their caregivers.

The claim, which appeared in a post originally uploaded from an account related to the Islington Council in 2021, appeared with a link that “white children are strongly biased against whites by the time they turn 5”. to material Produced by the state-run BBC on how to talk to toddlers about race.

“Basically, many of the studies presented to support this kind of thinking about children and race simply confuse one group’s acceptance with another’s rejection,” said Adrian Hart of the parent campaign group Don’t Divide Us. telegraph On claims similar to those of the Islington Council

“Children’s choices related to doll or toy preferences in artificial experimental conditions do not provide an indication of whether children consider race in their daily social interactions,” he continued. “Parents, educators, and policy makers from local and national governments cannot take these claims at face value.”

telegraphThe discovery comes soon after a significant number of local councils discovered newspapers that train child care workers in their area by hiring organizations that promote ideas in the controversial, critical racial theory style.

Many lawmakers, accused of producing “very Maoist” material by a reviewer, have since contacted the publication and said that the training provided by the organization should be scrutinized as “the most toxic and divisive doctrine.” “.

Education Minister Nadhim Zahawi previously said on the topic of ideological influences within the UK school system that “Children must learn to respect the views of others while forming their own”.

“So parents and guardians must be able to believe that schools are completely fair,” he said. “They need to feel confident that their children can learn about political issues and begin to form their own independent opinions without being influenced by the personal views of those who teach them.”

“No school should encourage young people to fix their color on a particular political mast,” he added.

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