British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his scandal: should he resign?

Two British ministers, Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid, resigned on Tuesday 5 July over opposition to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to the First Post, the two resigned within 10 minutes.

According to the article, the lower-ranking ministers of Sunak and Zabid and other allies also left. After his resignation, Javid was replaced by Steve Barclay as Minister of Health and Boris Johnson selected Nadhim Zahawi as Minister of Finance (Treasurer).

Numerous media reports suggest that Johnson’s handling of allegations of sexual harassment against Congressman Chris Fincher may have contributed to his resignation. The former congressman and deputy director of whip resigned last week on charges of groping two male colleagues. However, further suspicions arose after his resignation.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson took part in the Prime Minister’s Question (PMQ) in the House of Commons on Wednesday 6 July. Johnson said the following about the recent resignations of 18 people:

“The prime minister’s role in difficult times is to keep moving when you are given tremendous powers,” he said. “That’s my job.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Scandal

Johnson has been at the center of numerous scandals as she oversees Brexit since taking over outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May in 2019.

Prime Minister Johnson shows no signs of stepping down from his post, despite the recent controversy surrounding his post. This was made clear by the 58-year-old president in the aforementioned Prime Minister’s Question (PMQ) in the House of Representatives on 6 July.

Chris Fincher controversy

Allegations of sexual harassment of former deputy director Whip Fincher are at the center of the current scandal. Johnson appointed Fincher in February of this year, and the Prime Minister’s office later claimed that Johnson was unaware of previous charges against the former congressman. Simon McDonald, a former senior civil servant, recently investigated the 2019 allegations against Fincher and said his findings appear to support the allegations.

Downing Street Flat Renovation

The Conservatives were fined £17,800 last December for failing to disclose the use of donations to renovate the Prime Minister’s residence on Downing Street. Rumor has it that a renovation designed by a famous designer used expensive wallpaper.

#party gate

The political crisis came after a meeting hosted by Boris Johnson and his conservative party, which saw a spike in COVID cases. Some of these incidents are said to have taken place in Johnson’s apartment on Downing Street.

Johnson is accused of attending a birthday celebration on Downing Street in June 2020 and was subsequently disciplined for violating COVID-19 regulations. At the time, opposition parties demanded his resignation, but Johnson ignored their demands. He continued, “I fully apologize.”

In late April 2021, after allegations were made that Conservatives had a party during Prince Philip’s funeral, Boris Johnson had to apologize to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

Owen Patterson

Ex-Conservative Congressman Owen Paterson’s obscure tactics for campaigning for the companies that paid him were uncovered in The Guardian’s revelations. Research has shown that Patterson has repeatedly promoted two companies during his tenure.

The MP was suspended for 30 days by the standards committee. However, in response to criticism, Paterson resigned. The election to fill his parliamentary seat was defeated by the Conservatives.

Allegations of improper conduct by other party members

Boris Johnson’s Conservative MPs have been accused of sexual harassment several times. MPs such as Imran Ahmad Khan, who was convicted of sexually abusing a 15-year-old child, are among them. A second unknown politician was detained on charges of engaging in r*pe and assault-related activities.

It’s unclear whether Boris Johnson will be expelled before resigning given the scandal sweeping him and his party. But rather than taking his resignation call seriously, the staunch conservative leader will probably stick with it to the end.

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