Broncos’ Jerry Jeudy is released on bail after a night from a Colorado prison. Victim asks judge to dismiss charges

While preparing for his first offseason with new quarterback Russell Wilson, Broncos star wide receiver Jerry Judy was out indefinitely due to off-field issues. On Thursday, the former first-round draft pick was arrested in Colorado on charges of second-degree criminal manipulation as part of a domestic violence case. Arapahoe Sheriff’s Office Announcement.

On Friday he appeared in court granted $1,500 Personal Recognized Bond. He is due to be released later today.

A temporary protective order is now in place, so neither side can contact the other.

made no excuses.

After the arrest, Sheriff Tyler Brown explained that the accuser was the mother of Judy’s one-month-old daughter, but that there was no physical contact as part of the case. Brown explained that her agent was dispatched after her woman claimed that Judy had her “property” and had no access to it, after she requested a “peaceful” situation.

The accused explained that he wanted the charges dropped in court and that he had called the police to monitor the case. She said she didn’t see Judy as a threat to her when things got worse.

“Things went crazy” between Jeudy and the child’s mother, who said Jeudy had put wallets, children’s medical papers and other items in his car, Arapahoe County police report said.

Judy was imprisoned at Arapahoe County Jail, about an hour southeast of Denver, and according to the Sheriff’s Office, 23-year-old Judy was charged by a sheriff’s agent between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. MT. .

As reported by Tom Pelissero, Jeudy’s charges of tampering with a second degree criminal offense represent interference with another’s property “with the intent to cause injury, inconvenience, or annoyance”. Misdemeanor charges include “domestic violence intensifier”, which indicates the relationship between the complainant and Judy.

He may travel according to the judge at the hearing. The next hearing is scheduled for May 31st.

The former Alabama star, drafted with the 15th overall in 2020, has been particularly active this offseason, attending the team’s voluntary workouts and minicamps to build chemistry with Wilson. He expects to make a total of 90 catches and 1,323 yards over two NFL seasons as QB’s #1 receiver against Courtland Sutton in 2022. Judy missed seven games in the 2021 campaign while recovering from a high ankle sprain.

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