Brooklyn bishop Lamore Whitehead arrested on sexual assault charges

Celebrity bishop Lamor Whitehead has been detained on charges of abusing a woman after a recent Sunday sermon.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Director Lamore Whitehead puts his hand on a woman during a live broadcast.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead was arrested on September 18th for assaulting a woman during a service in his New York church.

The incident reportedly took place in Brooklyn, where Whitehead was preaching at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministry near Avenue D in Kanashi on Sunday.

In the video, a whitehead and a woman face each other. The woman is off camera, while onlookers continue to record the incident for a social media live stream.

At some point in the video, the bishop said, ‘Would you like to come to preach? come here.’

“I’m going to make you famous,” he added.

Moreover, Whitehead appears to be telling other members of the congregation to escort the woman. However, she is eventually seen grabbing the woman by the nape and pushing her away from her camera, and she forcibly drives her away.

Nevertheless, within an hour, a NYPD detective arrived at the church and handcuffed Whitehead to inform him that he had been charged with assault.

Bishop Lamore Whitehead is talking about the incident.

Bishop Lamor Whitehead was released hours after his arrest. However, he spoke about the incident in an interview with the New York Daily News.

He claimed to have charged the woman because she thought she was a threat to him and his family.

Whitehead said ‘She just came in the middle aisle [started] They curse at me, they call me all kinds of names, they call me all kinds of things. She came back rushing towards my wife and her 10-month-old baby.’

He continued, ‘She approached my wife and then I caught her. I grabbed her and took her out of her church. All I could remember were men with guns pointing guns at my baby’s face.’

Social media users react to viral video directed by Lamor Whitehead.

Many social media users took to Twitter to criticize director Lamore Whitehead’s actions.

One user wrote, ‘Lamor Whitehead is a disgrace’.

Moreover, another said, ‘Bishop Lamore Whitehead is the epitome of the type of pastor and/or bishop you need to protect your spirit. He has proven over and over again that he is a bad person. Now he suffocates the church members.’


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