BTC/USD Bearish Continues to Control: Sally Ho’s Technical Analysis May 24, 2022 BTC

bitcoin (BTC/USD) recent extension Weakness at start Asian Sessions remaining in pairs pressure around Psychologically significant 30000 figureand remains turn off More than 21% monthly cumulative and more 36% compared to the beginning of the year. strong sales pressure Recently enforce around 30512 region and Knock BTC/USD back Under that much 30000 figures. move to recent lowest possible open Test additional Short-term technical support around 28378, 27661, 26773And 26639 level. Traders keep an eye on it. 30447 area, level representing 78.6% retracement recent listening range from 21913.84 to 61788.45. Traders recently low around 25338.53 indicating the area exam of 23.6% retracement ~ Of historical appreciation From 15708.24 level ~ By 28387 region, and also over that much 24365.11 area, downward price target be associated with sales pressure appeared around 48240 area.

station was election Under many downward price target while in progress descentcontaining 30435, 29645, 28927And 28426 area, downward price target be associated with sales pressure that enforce around 47469, 47200And 48240 area. If the BTC/USD continue depreciateTraders are paying more attention downward price target around 25142, 24365And 21074 area. important sales pressure hurry around 31717, 31364And 31289 area, Upward Technology Price Target And retracement level be associated with historical buying pressure around 3858 area. Traders are observing: 50 bar MA (4 hours) is bearish below that much 100 bar MA (4 hours) And Under that much 200 bar MA (4 hours). In addition, 50 bar MA (per hour) is weakly representative Under that much 100 bar MA (per hour) And Under that much 200 bar MA (per hour).

Pricing action is the closest. 50 bar MA (every 4 hours) 29723.81 And 50 bar MA (Hourly) 29570.37.

technical support surroundings are expected 24365.11/ 21074.87/ 20495.33 with station Expected below.

technical resistance surroundings are expected 40100.93/ 41570.88/ 43443.32 with station more than expected.

to 4 hour system chart, Slow K is Stronger than SlowD during MACD is Bearish below the MACDA average.

to 60 minutes chart, Slow K is Stronger than SlowD during MACD is stronger than the MACDA average.

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