BTCC is licensed to operate as a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in Europe.

BTCC ExchangeThe crypto futures platform recently received a cryptocurrency license from the Lithuanian Legal Register, allowing exchanges to offer crypto trading services in Lithuania and other European countries, bringing its service reach to a wider audience worldwide.

The licenses obtained by BTCC are a cryptocurrency exchange license and a cryptocurrency wallet and storage service license. The former allows the BTCC to establish relationships with traditional financial institutions within its territory. Users can convert their digital currency to fiat currency and vice versa on the platform. This is a convenient feature for novice traders in Europe to enter the crypto world.

Through its Cryptocurrency Wallet and Storage Service License, BTCC is strictly regulated in managing clients’ wallets for storing cryptocurrencies, including the generation and storage of encrypted client keys. The acquired license provides a regulated gateway for European users to deposit and exchange cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Obtaining this Lithuanian cryptocurrency license is an important milestone for BTCC to be fully regulated and licensed worldwide. This demonstrates BTCC’s commitment to creating a fair and transparent trading environment for users around the world in compliance with regulatory requirements.

In addition to Lithuanian cryptocurrency licenses, BTCC is actively working to acquire more licenses this year to meet the regulatory requirements of several countries. Follow our social media channels for the latest news and updates on BTCC.




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