BTS fans are dissatisfied with French radio host ‘Korean virgins’

BTS fans recently accused DJ Philip Cavriviere of making insulting comments by calling the group “Korean virgins.”

Here’s everything you need to know.

French radio presenter criticized for commenting on ‘Korean virgin’

French radio presenter Philippe Kaveriviere commented on the 2022 FIFA World Cup on the radio channel RTL on 21 November.

However, the French DJ is said to have made rude remarks about Jungkook and BTS while talking about the opening ceremony.

A fan also translated his comments and shared them on his Twitter account.

‘There weren’t many stars,’ says Caviriviere. Oh right, there was a group of Korean girls…’

However, fans judged the comments to be racist, inappropriate and xenophobic. They soon started calling out radio hosts and radio RTL for the rude comments.

Fans launched further attacks on their respective Twitter and Instagram accounts, demanding an apology from Cabrivière.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have been breaking down the word ‘puceau’, explaining that it has negative connotations. Although the term means ‘virgin’, it was used in a derogatory rather than neutral sense.

Other French armies have also argued that Kaveriviere’s use of the term ‘virgin’ is complex but seems insulting to the Korean group.

Beyond that, the ARMY’s disappointment with Caviriviere’s comments comes after witnessing multiple racially charged statements in both major and minor foreign publications.

BTS fans criticized the French radio host’s remarks about ‘Korean virgins’

DJ Philip Cavriviere has faced frenzy from many BTS fans taking to social media to call out the host for his taunting remarks.

One user wrote, ‘Just note that “puceau” isn’t easy to translate. It means virgin, but in a very humiliating way and is generally an insult to young teenagers.’

On the other hand, another netizen pointed out, “It is tacky, disgusting and shameful to express 8T5 in this way to make the public laugh, but what can you ask of white people?” @RTLFrance @RTL2officiel You’d better apologize for idc idc.’

Another pointed out, ‘What kind of radio host exactly do you platform on this unprofessional, racist, disgusting list?’

Meanwhile, Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, performed the latest single Dreamers at the opening ceremony of the 2022 FIFA World Cup on November 20th. Since then, the performance has gone viral through social media and is being shared online by fans.


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