BTS Festa 2022: Schedule, Team Dinner, New Songs, Selfie Collection, etc.

BTS Festa 2022 is back. The Korean group has finally released the long-awaited plan to celebrate their debut anniversary.

BTS ARMY is waiting a year to celebrate BTS Festa. He is one of the members most loved by fans as he celebrates the first anniversary of his debut.

As July is about to release a new album, BTS Festa seems to be the number one cherry blossom spot for fans.

Hereโ€™s everything you need to know.

BTS Festa 2022: Schedule, Team Dinner, and New Songs

At around noon on June 2nd, BTS released a new graphic poster announcing the start of this yearโ€™s Festa.

The purple image consists of the official logo of BTS shining on the stairs and the ARMY sign next to it.

Additionally, the poster includes 7 purple dots representing members of the K-pop band. Also included are other details of the activities to be covered during the Festa event event.

BTS Festa 2022 includes new family photos, BTS practice records, BTS selfie collection of songs for ARMYs, and the 2022 The Real BTS team dinner.

The poster was outlined with a caption that clearly reads โ€˜9โ€™ to commemorate the 9th anniversary of BTSโ€™ debut.

The boy band previously released numerous songs as gifts to fans during the festival.

Last year, RM of BTS released a moving song โ€˜Bicycleโ€™.

What is BTS Festa? everything you need to know

BTS Festa is an annual event where South Korean band BTS celebrates their debut anniversary with their fan ARMY.

The band surprises fans by releasing new photos, videos, songs, video segments and more during the annual event.

The group debuted on June 12, 2013. Each year, starting the first week of June, the festival lasts from 10 to 14 or more days.

In 2021, the band members held a live concert in the BTS Room for their fans. They even took exams and filled out profiles.

BTSโ€™ new album โ€˜Proofโ€™

BTSโ€™ new anthology album โ€˜Proofโ€™ will be released on June 10, when BTS Festa 2022 will be held.

Big Hit Music, the agency of BTS, said, โ€œThe thoughts and thoughts of the members about the past, present and future of BTS will be reflected.โ€



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