BTS J-Hope Solo Album Jack In The Box Release Date Revealed

Avid BTS fans won’t want to miss out on their new project as J-Hope is now ready to bring a new solo album called Jack In The Box. Well, definitely ARMY is about to rejoice with the announcement as the K-pop bands are starting to hit solo. What can you expect from the Jack In Box album?

Read ahead to learn more about the Jack In Box album and other details.

J-HOPE: Jack In Box Album Release Date

Korean rapper J-Hope is releasing a solo album after a long time. When his last solo came out in 2018. After that, the epidemic stopped everything. But now we finally got him to release another solo album called Jack In Box.

Well, ARMY will be very happy to know the release date. So, we will announce the release date on July 15th next month. The times are 1:00 PM/KST and 12:00 AM EST. But there are more updates to come, so don’t miss out.

What’s special about the Jack In Box?

You can spend the next month full of ARMY. As part of the Jack In Box release. On the 31st of next month, J-Hope’s album track, which will attend Lola Falluja, will also be enjoyed live. So it will be a gift for ARMY.

BTS will no longer be releasing as a band. However, they are spending their time on themselves equally as solo artists. So, to start working on a solo, first the rapper will release a solo album Jack In The Box. But yes, fans have also reacted to the upcoming album.

Fan reactions to Jack In The Box album

With J-Hope always gives his albums some unique titles. There is a debate on the internet about the meaning of the title Jack In Box. With fans giving different opinions on what the title means. There is a saying that Jack is none other than J-Hope.

As such, the Internet is giving a certain meaning to the title of his next album. It says maybe it’s about his hard work in his life and how he got out of the box.

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