BTS Jungkook revealed that he watched the ARMY reaction online.

BTS’ Jungkook, the youngest member of one of the most successful boy groups, has admitted that he monitors ARMY’s online reactions. Jungkook recently hosted a live broadcast full of exciting events. Reading the comments, I saw that they will meet at the 2022 Seoul Jazz Festival.

I read Yoongi’s proposal and admired V’s appearance. He admitted to drinking and it made him feel good. He even mentioned Suga’s role in Psy’s That That music video.

The reaction of the ARMYs to the live broadcast of BTS Jungkook was amazing.

BTS’ Jungkook remained unknown during the festival, but a social media post of ‘Pink Sweat$’ informed ARMY of his presence. When Jungkook discovered an article written by ARMY he met at the 2022 Seoul Jazz Festival and revealed that he had signed it himself, ARMY streaming was shocked. He also showed respect for them.

“I’ve seen it since the person who signed it posted it.” I saw his long post and he spoke very kindly about the matter.”

BTS Jungkook said he pays close attention to everything because he monitors ARMY’s online reactions.

One netizen expressed displeasure at Jungkook’s claim that the military observed him at the Seoul Jazz Festival and sent him a message. Boy Is Really Deep In Stan Twt

I just realized because Jungkook claimed to see everything because he was watching the Seoul Jazz Festival incident. Should we act like a bird in our app right now?

It is said that at the Seoul Jazz Festival, Jungkook saw and read the text of the person who received the autograph.

Learn more about BTS’ reaction to ARMY

BTS members have already claimed to follow and view all social media posts from ARMY. Last year, V joked about TikTok, and ARMY memes appeared a lot in BTS’ Permission to Dance Anywhere video. Some of Run BTS even discussed ARMY! When browsing individual blogs

BTS tested their self-awareness in episode 133. The workshop special was the subject of the first shoot of the new year. After filming over 100 episodes, members were asked to recall the details of their previous challenges. The team used an online search engine to quickly get the information they needed to win.

The members struggled to figure out where the screenshots of J-Laughing Hope came from. Most of the boys found ARMY through a search through a fan-run website. Others tried to review the program by watching it again. Some say the fan-written Run BTS! review.

BTS is famous for giving thanks to their fans, and in particular, they thanked ARMYs throughout the game. RM, who received a successful response through the blog, confirmed their names and thanked BTS Jungkook for their help.

After research, the boys discovered some interesting facts by looking at what viewers considered the most important part of the show. BTS didn’t expect ARMY to find everything ARMY wrote on the internet.

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