BTS V talked about the difficulties he faced while filming a music video that had not yet arrived.

After a long wait, BTS has finally released the most anticipated album PROOF. In addition, the single ‘Yet To Come’ music video was presented to fans.

The music video moved fans considerably, but BTS V shared some behind-the-scenes videos with the ARMYs through his social media.

Here’s everything you need to know.

BTS V revealed the difficulties while filming the music video, which has not yet arrived.

In Kim Tae-hyung’s recent Instagram post, we could get a glimpse of how the shoot was almost ruined by a sandstorm.

The 26-year-old K-pop idol was elegantly dressed in a navy suit and white shirt. He was also standing by the table and holding a red rose.

When V was about to shoot, he saw the shooting staff holding up a reflector.

The following video showed a Korean artist fitting a suit in the wind. V looked like a man lost in the desert behind a huge sandstorm.

In another video, Tae Hyung-ah listens to the director and puts all of his energy into filming.

The director said ‘Action! Okay, try it a few more times, Taehyung. Do the opposite. We will use the best cut. No, don’t do that.’

Fans react to BTS V’s Instagram post

Fans recently commented on V’s Instagram comment.

One fan said, ‘My men suffered so much.’

He added, “I’m so proud of Taehyung.”

Added another user, ‘You really should protect it at all costs.’

A fan sent a message to Weverse about a recent post on his Instagram.

They said, ‘You worked hard in the sandstorm. Thank you for the wonderful gift.’

They also shared images on Instagram along with several adorable emojis.

Nevertheless, V noticed the fan’s message and replied, ‘5000 pieces of sand got into my eyes’.

Considering the wind, it is not surprising that V had such a problem. Despite this, he continued to shoot and was not hard at all.

In addition, V’s eyes are protected with unusual goggles when they are not filming, so please rest assured to all concerned fans.

BTS’ anthology album Proof, which celebrated its ninth anniversary in 2013, is approaching the ninth anniversary of BTS’ debut.

Next, BTS will perform at the BTS Festa event, where they communicate with their fans and look back on their journey.



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