Burning Questions for NFC East 2022 Season: Mike McCarthy’s Swan Song? Did Big Blue finally change? and more

As usual, NFC East has all sorts of intrigues as the division prepares for the next NFL season. The Dallas Cowboys lead in a slew of headlines in northern Texas this offseason, most of them tasteless, making it very questionable whether they can defy the division’s trend for a streak of NFC East titles. Their rivals all have had a much more positive and productive stretch from free agents to drafts after the 2021 season, and now at least two of them are poised to claim and steal the crown on their own.

The most impressive thing so far from a holistic point of view has been the willingness of the New York Giants to finally shake the entire front office, rather than the coaching staff beneath them. And the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense will be greatly improved and the offense currently boasts AJ Brown as a potential nuke from quarterback Jalen Hurts. But, as is usually the case, with OTAs happening across the league, an important question arises for the four teams, specifically the Washington Commanders.

As the next season arrives, the answers to each will determine the fate of NFC East.

Cowboy: Is this Mike McCarthy’s swan song?

Things aren’t generally normal when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys in any given offseason, but you’ll have a hard time remembering them being this weird, and that doesn’t bode well for McCarthy. As he enters the third year of his five-year contract, it is linked with the most important but higher level of difficulty. Exponentially yes. On the field, the Cowboys initially secured him as a free agent and then lost their starting right defensive end Randy Gregory in a controversial manner and then lost a bet to Cedric. Wilson managed to keep him on a new contract after nearly losing Cooper and Hell, All-Pro defender DeMarcus Lawrence.

Off the field, former second-round pick Kelvin Joseph is implicated in an ongoing Dallas-area murder investigation threatening to remove him from the roster at some point, either temporarily or permanently (if the police have to uncover damning evidence of him) through an NFL suspension. became. He) — and while you can look around Jerry Jones’ paternity lawsuit with regards to identifying additional pressure on McCarthy (although this further shows how weird this offseason has been), it’s hard to deny Sean Payton’s looming shadow. You can not. As a front-runner who could potentially take his place in 2023 (or perhaps his defensive coordinator Dan Quinn). Cowboy Coach Expresses Frustration With “Landscape”.

A disappointing defeat in a subsequent playoff game, despite finishing last season 12-5, adds to the offseason full of entries unfavorable to McCarthy’s 2023 residency, and the next NFC Championship will keep him in Dallas beyond 2022. may be the only one.

Eagles: Is Jalen Hurts truly the QB of the future?

Yes, general manager Howie Roseman is basically shouting that the Hurts are the answer to the Eagles’ franchise quarterbacks, and to his credit he hasn’t exactly demonstrated the contrary belief in this regard. That doesn’t change the reality of the situation, the fact is that although Hurts took action last season that helped the Eagles change their course on their way to the playoffs, there are still a lot of people who wonder if he really can. He will lead the entire franchise in terms of talent over the next decade. Roseman has signed a blockbuster deal to acquire Pro Bowl wideout AJ Brown to play former Heisman winner DeVonta Smith, and it’s an equally helpful move for Hurts, who indirectly admits Jalen Reagor isn’t making it.

Those who viewed the 2021 signing of Gardner Minshew as a headache for the Hurts are wrong. Minshew didn’t sniff game time at all, but his presence did create a fair fight to keep the Hurts tense. If it doesn’t, the much more powerful QB class in the 2023 prospect pool would better serve that purpose. As a previous second-round pick, there are no five-year options that the Eagles could potentially play in the future. It’s also added frills that make the 2022 season even more pivotal to everyone involved. Because if the Hurts have a breakout season in a few months, negotiations on a new deal should begin next offseason (weighing the aforementioned QB outlook).

But if Hurts can’t make this progress and the team has now invested heavily in WR units, we can guarantee Roseman will start to reconsider his stance on his younger QB. After all, it’s not like he’s recently doubled QB1 and then made the final replacement draft and didn’t go cheap. For more information, just contact Carson Wentz.

Giants: Can a Shining New Regime Activate Big Blue?

Same old Giants, right? At least not on paper. The organization cleaned up this offseason (including the release of James Bradbury) and made up for a veiled threat a year ago, when co-owner John Mara acknowledged that a lack of success was causing increasingly impatience and fan riots. I did. And I paid attention to the culture of losing in New York. As such, he split from longtime general manager Dave Gettleman, replacing him with former Bills front office star Joe Schoen, and hired former Bills attacking coordinator Brian Daboll as head coach to replace Joe’s odd and unproductive era by double-dipping into Buffalo. I did. judge.

Daboll and Schoen have already pumped some electrical energy into Big Blue, and that includes some impressive parts of the 2022 NFL Draft, but while everything sounds and looks good, football isn’t played on a laptop. Daboll has to show what he can do with the Schoen acquisition in New York, just like he did at Buffalo, and the job includes requiring a QB whisper to take Daniel Jones to the next level. Giants. The team refused to execute his five-year option, and all eyes are on him as he enters his first NFL contract season and recovers from an injury whether he can become the person Mara needs.

If not, they will and will be in a position to catch his successor in April next year. Running back Saquon Barkley is also looking for oars, so Jones isn’t the only star player on the boat floating over the creek. He hasn’t been able to stay fit during the recent season, so it’s most important for Barkley to prove he can stay healthy in 2022. With so many lines for the top two players on the roster and now with the appointment of a new manager and GM, there is no shortage of motivation to finally make it to the playoffs with the Giants not making it to the playoffs. He has had a winning season since 2016.

Commander: What was Carson Wentz’s last dance?

Carson Wentz is becoming a living embodiment of a “second chance”. His second chance is now a third in many seasons. He was traded to the Washington Commanders in 2022. This happened just a year after the Indianapolis Colts were sure they would reunite. After spending time with the Philadelphia Eagles with manager Frank Reich, Wentz rejuvenated but to no avail. Wentz collapsed in their worst season of their first year at Reich, putting rotten performance in the team’s humiliating defeat in the hands of a junior Jacksonville Jaguar team led by Urban Meyer, now fired from the regular season at Win and Get. finale. Jim Irsay wasted very little time looking for Wentz. He made a move that he publicly labeled “mistake” and went on to trade former league MVP Matt Ryan, turning the NFL upside down.

Because of that, head coach Ron Rivera and commander-in-chief deliberately took the bag to Wentz, trying to get something from him that his previous two teams couldn’t, and eventually gave up. Colts quickly does the latter. There are good things to see in Wentz, but not enough to consider him the future QB1. Ryan Fitzpatrick suffered an injury after being signed as a free agent in 2021, which forced him to hand over the baton to Taylor Heinicke. Taylor Heinicke has renewed his contract with a bit of healthy hype behind him.

Heinicke was basically a disaster as a starting pitcher (15 interceptions in 20 touchdowns) and while Commander didn’t finish as badly as the Giants, it was clear he had to answer questions in QB in 2022. They believe in them. Wentz tried to convince Russell Wilson that they deserved his service, but it should have been right to receive a consolation prize after he failed. Otherwise, they will be back on the market for a starting QB, and Wentz, who may have lacked opportunities at that point, will have to start considering a backup role in the league.


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