Bush dynasty tested in Texas runoff and other races to watch

While Georgia is receiving a lot of national attention among states holding Tuesday’s primary elections, there is a critical Republican primary in Alabama and a test of both progressives and the Bush dynasty in Texas.

Former White House Press Secretary in Arkansas Sarah Huckabee Sanders He is expected to win the Republican nomination for governor, with the most wins expected in November.

The main races to watch out for are:

Alabama State Senate

The retirement of Republican Senator Richard Shelby opens a vacancy in Alabama. There appears to be a 3rd party race to fill the spot, and the race could end with a runoff.

Shelby Full-time secretary supportKatie Britt running against Senator Mo Brooks and businessman Mike Durant.

Trump supported Brooks in April 2021, but withdrew his support from the House of Representatives in March. At the time, Brooks was struggling with polls.

Trump said Brooks “made a terrible mistake ‘wake up’ recently.” 2020 election “Behind you” at a rally in Alabama last August. Brooks was booed. At the rally, he urged the crowd to move from 2020.

After Trump withdrew his support, Brooks said, “Trump has demanded that I cancel the 2020 elections, remove Joe Biden from the White House immediately, immediately return President Trump to the White House, and hold a new special presidential election.” said

“As an attorney, I’ve repeatedly advised President Trump that January 6 is the final verdict in the presidential primary, and neither the Constitution nor the US Code allow anything President Trump to make,” Brooks said. Brooks is one of them Republicans against Affects election results in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Despite losing that support, Brooks persevered in a recent poll. lately Emerson Vote Britt (32%) is slightly ahead of Durant (26%) and Brooks (25%). Another poll from Alabama Daily News It also showed all three candidates with potential to advance to the finals.

On the Democratic side, Rev. Will Boyd, former Brighton and Alabama Mayor Brandaun Dean, and veteran Lanny Jackson are vying for the nomination.

A candidate must receive a majority of the votes to avoid a runoff.

Alabama Governor

Republican Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama is one of many incumbent governors ahead of the 2022 primary election. To date, incumbent governors have held their seats in Idaho, Ohio and Texas.

lately Emerson Vote Ivey led the field with 46%, close to the score he had to hit to avoid the final. Businesswoman Tim James (18%) and former Slovenia Trump ambassador Lindy Blanchard (11%) were her closest competitors.

Conservatives have criticized Ivey’s COVID-19 decision. extend her attention mask spell Some activists have also argued for her order directing state agencies not to cooperate with federal vaccine orders. didn’t go far enough.

Ivey boasted of her conservative qualifications, including the 2019 Act. almost complete abortion ban. she recently signed the law that make a felony Your doctor may prescribe puberty blockers and hormones for transgender people under the age of 19.

She was also criticized for advertising that said “If Joe Biden continues to transport illegal immigrants to our state, we will all have to learn Spanish. A message to Biden, absolutely Jose.” Senator Maxine Waters Advertisement “Racist‘ urges Ivey. Twitter“There is no racism in telling the truth about the disaster that Joe Biden is causing with the outlaws invading our country.”

On the Democrat side, educator Yolanda Flowers, entrepreneur Chad Chig Martin and State Senator Malika Sanders-Fortier entered the race.

Arkansas State Senate

Incumbent Republican Senator John Boozman is another candidate running with Trump’s backing, but who must pass 50% to avoid a runoff in the primary.

Although there was little public voting in the primary, recent polls Hendrix College’s Boozman couldn’t stop the runoff. Veteran and former New England Patriots player Jake Bequette and former journalist and conservative critic Jan Morgan are some of the candidates who pose the most serious challenge to Buzzman.

If necessary, a runoff will be held on June 21st. Democrats in the primary include real estate agent Natalie James, small business owner Dan Whitfield and former Pine Bluff City Assemblyman Jack Foster.

Arkansas Governor

Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was the first candidate to win Trump’s backing after he left office in January 2021. When she ran for governor of Arkansas, she jumped into a crowded arena with governors and attorney generals.

But by November 2021, Sanders effectively vacated the field, announcing that Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge would run for lieutenant governor instead. Sanders, whose father Mike Huckabee served as Governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007, has been involved in fundraising efforts. work ranking And Normal election.

Several candidates are running for the Democratic nomination, including former State Representative Jay Martin, former nonprofit leader Chris Jones and educator Anthony Bland.

Texas Attorney General

Tuesday also marks the end of the March primary election in Texas, where voters will be voting in the runoff.

Attorney General Ken Paxton is backed by Trump and hopes to be re-elected. He faces former Republican presidential candidate and Texas land commissioner George P. Bush, son of Florida governor Jeb Bush. This election will be a major test of the power of the Bush dynasty in Texas. George P. Bush shares a name with two former presidents: his uncle George W. Bush and his grandfather, George HW Bush.

Ken Paxton and George P. Bush

Getty Images, AP

Paxton faced several scandals and investigations during his tenure. He pleaded not guilty in a state securities fraud case. charged with bribery Another crime by his former chief aide. He denied wrongdoing in both cases.

in recent advertisementBush said he was proud of his family’s achievements, but said, “This race isn’t about my sex, it’s about Ken Paxton’s crimes.”

According to April poll According to the Texas Hispanic Policy Foundation, 40% of Republican prospective voters say they will never vote for Bush. Two-thirds of those voters said it was because he was a member of the Bush family. 41% said he would not vote for Bush because he was not conservative enough.

Paxton released the video Last week, Trump said Paxton was “the most effective Attorney General.”

In the March primary, Paxton won 42.7% of the vote and Bush got 22.8%.

lately Dallas Morning News Poll Paxton led Bush 41% to 35%. In the Democratic runoff, polls show ACLU attorney Rochelle Garza leads former Galveston Mayor Joe Jaworski 35% to 20%.

american house

The Democratic Progressive Party is one of the biggest tests in this election cycle. Texas District 28This is where immigration attorney Jessica Cisneros meets long-time incumbent Henry Cuellar.

Cisneros first challenged Cuellar in 2020 but lost by less than 3,000 votes. Neither Cuellar nor Cisneros received more than 50% of the vote in the March 2022 primary election, and a runoff was held on Tuesday.

Cuellar wanted to bounce back from an FBI investigation that raided Laredo’s home in January, Cuellar’s attorney that it is not subject to investigation.

He is the Department of Immigration Policy and his role on the House Appropriations Committee. He followed the FBI investigation, and Roe v. Wade gained support from House leadership who backed him after life support for abortion, which was emphasized after a leaked US Supreme Court draft opinion.

“I disagree with Henry Cuella in all respects,” said Jim Cliburn, a South Carolina home scoundrel, referring to Cuella’s position on abortion. “We have to sit down with those we don’t agree with, find common ground and do what’s needed to advance this country.”

Cuellar and his allies also argued that left-leaning candidates like Cisneros would be at risk of coming under Republican control this November.

Cisneros has support from progressive parties and has argued that the constituency needs a change of representation. her greatest contrast Cuellar is having an abortionAnd her campaign emphasized this in her final message.

Cisneros said in a press call with Emily’s List last Friday, “We need a majority in Congress to support the choice and Henry Cuellar is not involved in that. I think his record has been very clear over the past 20 years.”

“And if the Women’s Health Protection Act is enacted again in the next term, he’s very likely to be Congressman Joe Manchin,” she said, referring to Democrats. Senator Joe Manchin Vote on Bill. “He cannot have a decisive vote on the future of our reproductive freedom in this country.”

Cuellar’s last message, especially with regard to the Title 42 border policy currently in force, was Immigration’s calling card. litigation in court. Cuellar warned that if the policy is lifted, there will be a significant surge in immigration at the border, and if lifted it could be politically dangerous for Democrats.

“If the Democrats don’t do this or send the message correctly, the message can be terrible for Democrats,” Cuellar said. told CBS News in April.

Cisneros, or Cuellar, will face the winner of the Republican runoff in this district between Cassy Garcia, former aide to Texas Senator Ted Cruz, and Kindergarten Director Sandra Whitten. Democrats are also watching another Democratic runoff vote in Texas District 15, where small business owner Michelle Vallejo will face former candidate Ruben Ramirez from the area. This seat is a top priority for Republicans across the country after securing the region’s Latino population.


The primary election to fill the late Republican House of Representatives Jim Hagedorn is held on Tuesday (11th). His widow, Jennifer Carnahan, is one of 20 candidates running for Minnesota District 1. There are 10 Republicans, 8 Democrat-peasant-labor MPs (the official name of the Minnesota Democrats) and 2 legal marijuana candidates running.


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