CALVIN KLEIN’s ad for pregnant trans men sparks a conversation on Twitter.

Calvin Klein’s new Mother’s Day 2022 ad campaign featuring pregnant transgender men has gone viral on Twitter.

“Today, to support women and mothers around the world, we are highlighting the reality of the new family,” the iconic brand wrote in an Instagram post.

Not only are people confused about why pregnant women appeared in the Advertisement for Mother’s Day. But many people also don’t seem to recognize the difference between trans women and trans men.

What Calvin Klein Ad Represents

On May 8, 2022, Calvin Klein released an advertisement depicting women from all walks of life. Among them were a transgender man and his wife.

According to the caption, they are “waiting for their parents in Brazil.” Roberto and Erica are now waiting for their son Noah.”

The couple wears Calvin Klein in bed and looks with an overlay quote that reads, “We can reproduce biologically or at heart…our place is to love and be loved.”

Pictured is a transgender male clutching a fully developed baby lobes.

Know the difference between a transgender man and a transgender woman

When trying to differentiate between genders, people often seem perplexed, especially when discussing transgender identity.

However, it is important to know the actual definition of a phrase before using it, so you don’t appear uninformed or hurt others’ feelings about how you identify yourself.

According to, “Transgender people are people whose gender identity is different from the gender they were born with.” “Trans” is a generic abbreviation for “transgender”.

The transgender man in the Calvin Klein commercial is now living as a man, but he was born thinking he was a woman.

The majority of trans men refer to themselves as “men.”

A transgender woman who lives as a woman today but was considered a man at the time of her birth is in the same boat.

If you’ve ever wondered if a man can conceive, you’ll be disappointed by the fact that it’s biologically impossible. A person born with male genitalia cannot have children.

Twitter users want pregnant women to be treated like any other man.

Many people on Twitter said they shouldn’t question their decisions about their bodies. Transgender men born female should be considered normal.

“I don’t understand the reaction after Calvin Klein introduced a “pregnant transgender man” in his current Mother’s Day campaign. In fact, I [but] Equality is key, isn’t it strange that “a woman born” is ridiculed for her choices?”

“The woman is pregnant.” Another wrote, “This is absolutely common.”

Another Twitter user said, “Yes, if they were pregnant and wanted one.” And if it concerns their bodies and their rights, they should have full control over what happens to them. he is an adult Don’t call him “it”.

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