Cameron Diaz suspects she was a drug ‘mule’ before she became famous.

Cameron Diaz believes she unwittingly worked as a drug ‘mule’ in the early stages of her modeling career in Paris.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Cameron Diaz admits to military service as drug ‘mule’

Cameron Diaz recently attended the Second Life podcast just days after it was announced that the Holiday star would be retiring and appearing in a new Netflix movie.

Diaz recounted her difficult years as an actress, recalling an incident in which she may have unwittingly possessed illegal drugs.

The 49-year-old celebrity says she moved to Paris after raising money while modeling a catalog at a high school in California.

Diaz further explained that she struggled as a model before she played her breakout role in Mask, but she got a job.

The sex tape actress ‘started working as a catalog model and, having enough money, moved to Paris, got an apartment, and spent it with a girl who is still one of her best friends.

She continued, ‘I was there all year and didn’t work a single day. I couldn’t book a job to save my life. Then I got a job, but really, I guess I was a mule carrying drugs to Morocco. I swear to God.’

Diaz added that it was during the ’90s. ‘They gave me a locked suitcase with my “clothes” in it.’

The Charlie Angels star admitted that when she arrived in Morocco from Paris, airport officials asked her if she was the owner of the bag and whether she could open it. But Diaz eventually said it wasn’t hers.

She said, ‘All the calculations in my head went back like, ‘What’s in this suitcase?’

Diaz is ‘a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes from Morocco. It’s 90’s. She wears ripped jeans and platform boots with her hair down. This is not really safe.’

Cameron Diaz joins the non-retirement trend

Cameron Diaz was considered the queen of romantic comedies until she announced her retirement from Hollywood in 2018.

The actress welcomed daughter Radix to her husband and Good Charlotte lead guitarist Benji Madden in 2019.

Now eight years later, Diaz is gearing up for a lead role alongside Jamie Foxx in an upcoming action comedy titled Back in Action.

After the announcement, she said, ‘I feel good, but I don’t know what to do’.



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