Camille Kostek returns for the 5th anniversary of SI Swimwear

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She’s very well known as a former Patriots cheerleader and criminal partner to Rob Gronkowski, but it’s no secret that Camille Kostek is a star in her own right. Between becoming her model, television presenter, actress, and owning her own swimsuit collection as part of her Swimsuits For All, she is definitely leaving her mark on her world.

she is Sports Illustrated It was featured on the cover of a 2019 magazine in a swimsuit four times. Kostech is back with the SI Swim 2022 issue, which will be issued on Monday, May 16 this year as well. With everyone dazzled by last year’s photos, this is perhaps the Camille’s most impressive look.

Kostek is excited to continue her journey with the SI Swim family just like us. she We shared the big news on Instagram. Earlier this week, I explained to everyone why the 2022 photo shoot was especially important to her.

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She wrote in the post, “Five years old! @si_swimsuit! It was filmed in Saint-Croix, where I have made memories since I was a child. As my mother grew up in the Virgin Islands and still has a family on the island, the moment she learned that she would be filming a brand close to heart and close to heart… my heart exploded with gratitude. And excitement.”

Kostek also shared A sneak peek at her new collection A swimwear for everyone, a line designed for women of all shapes and sizes.

Be sure to check it out Camille Costekfifth appearance in Sports Illustrated A new swimsuit for 2022.

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