can polygon [MATIC] Medical efforts breathe life into altcoins.

The cryptocurrency space and the use cases of DLT continue to expand every day, applying technology to the corporate world, entertainment and food industries.

Now we are challenging the healthcare industry with Polygon supporting the launch of LifChain.

911 of polygons

Established as the first commercial platform to fully tokenize healthcare, LifeChain was developed by MSPRecovery, a $32.6 billion company in partnership with Tokenology.

With LifeChain, the company seeks to eliminate fraud, payment inefficiencies and outdated processes, and create a tokenized platform that benefits patients, healthcare providers and insurers.

The partnership plans to achieve 50 million tokenizations per day over the next two years.

Polygon was chosen for this because of its carbon-neutral network and consequently low transaction fees.

This partnership marked a turning point for Polygon, who has been choking with bear’s claws for months. However, since the announcement, MATIC has witnessed the first real signs of positive momentum in the market.

The MACD posted its first bullish crossover since April 5, the Squeeze momentum indicator is observing a bearish decline and MATIC continues to remain unsqueezed.

However, the recovery is slow, with MATIC rising only 5.37% in 24 hours. This is not ideal for both tokens or investors who have been waiting for a recovery after December 2021.

polygon price action | Source: TradingView – AMBCrypto

Investors only made small gains in 30 days, while MATIC, worth up to $67.48 million and more than $45.14 million, suffered multiple losses.

Polygon MATIC 20.29.45 22 May 2022

On-Chain Loss of MATIC | source: Santiment – ​​AMBCrypto

In return, investors began to slowly withdraw from the network. Polygon’s adoption has declined 73.8% in the five months since the start of 2022, and has soared around May 13th.

Polygon MATIC 20.29.35 22 May 2022

polygon network growth | source: Santiment – ​​AMBCrypto

Currently, Polygon can only benefit from the development of an ecosystem like LifeChain, as the bearishness of the broader market may not subside for a while.

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