Candle Media expands content trading execution with Attn: acquisition.

Dive Briefs:

  • Attn: a media company focused on issue-focused viral content has been acquired by Candle Media. according to the announcement. The financial terms of the transaction, which are expected to close within 30 days, have not been disclosed, but Axios has reported a final report. The price tag can reach around $150 million..
  • With this deal, Candle Media seeks to tap into an audience comprised primarily of millennials and Gen Zers. The Blackstone Support Company, run by former Disney executives, will help grow Attn: Publishing, brand studios, creative strategy and agency services, including the TikTok division launched last June.
  • Attn: Co-founders Matthew Segal and Jarrett Moreno will continue to lead day-to-day operations following the announcement along with the company’s existing senior management. Candle Media continues its recently included dealmaking. Hello Sunshine Media Ventures by Reese Witherspoon.

Dive Insights:

Candle Media acquired another noteworthy media brand with the Attn: acquisition. Launched in 2014, Attn: has earned a reputation for viral video content centered on topics that resonate with young consumers, including voting campaigns and the Ukraine war. Its output spans Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Twitch, as well as established networks like ABC, NBC and Discovery, and streamers like Hulu and Apple TV+.

As brands invest more in social video and purpose-driven campaigns, Attn: sees greater traction for marketing services in the form of brand studios and creative agencies. Unilever, Zillow, Procter & Gamble, Ford and Mattel are marketers who have previously worked with the company. Unilever’s Dove and Attn: In 2020, for example, we created a mobile video series aimed at teenagers dealing with body image issues. An Attn: Documentary Series Efforts for Zillow Since 2019, Exploring the US Housing Crisis

Candle Media is looking to expand this type of marketing initiative with Attn: from the TikTok division, which debuted last year. TikTok Studio provides brands with best practices for content creation, creator matching, community management, and paid media and platform insights. Unilever, Madewell, Google, MTV and Geico were early partners of the group. Attn: I also manage the TikTok for Good page of the video sharing platform. This page is dedicated to highlighting social issues such as environmentalism. According to the announcement, the contract has been renewed in the last two years.

Candle Media is run by former Disney executives Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs. Mayer briefly served as TikTok’s CEO before joining the Trump administration. Unrealized takeover offer.

Attn: Algin with other companies that Candle Media has been pursuing since its formation last year. The first acquisition was for Hello Sunshine from Witherspoon, which produces TV and streaming content. HBO’s “Big Little Lies” is one of the hits, but it’s also creative work for the brand.

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