Cardi B and Akbar V Twitter Drama: Rappers Disses Offset

Currently, Cardi B and Akbar V are arguing on Twitter, and fans are somewhat confused by the ongoing drama. Fans are enthusiastic as a rapper who recently released a hit song with Gloria. Nevertheless, Cardi appeared to be engulfed in controversy on Twitter. Seeing her break her silence in her ensuing tweets, her fans are confused about what’s going on. Tensions between the two rappers seemed to pour out when Cardi B started praising the music video for ‘Tomorrow 2’, a new collaboration with GloRilla, which surpassed 6 million views on YouTube.

Seeing Akbar V clearly subtweeting his most recent achievement, the superstar started responding with his own tweet. ‘I don’t really like internet games… And “@I can change a bi – I can change my life just by mentioning… It is not necessary. And yes, I hit them directly. I don’t have internet!! According to the tweets and screenshots, Cardi B contacted Akbar V and the two secretly put everything together. Nevertheless, when they started humiliating and humiliating them about having children, the latter began to outline the achievements and deceive the claims, sparking gossip that Cardi’s husband Offset allegedly had an affair with Saweetie. When I did, things started to come up again.

Who is Akbar V?

Akbar V, real name Valerie Raven, is a rapper from Atlanta. Akbar V is also a reality star and has appeared in the VH1 reality series Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. The show follows the lives of rappers, revealing insights into the ups and downs of their daily lives. 3$ No. Many of her songs include Tax, RIP Mama, and Rehab. At the same time, Akbar V was a member of the YSL label founded by Young Thug. Her appearance on the show and her songs has further helped her achieve some social benefits. media followers. She uses the Foundation to keep her fans informed about her future music and performances.

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Rappers Cardi B and Akbar Explore Twitter Drama

It all started with Akbar V talking about the rap industry in a now deleted tweet. As she recently released her raps that quickly climbed the charts, her fans quickly judged that she was discussing her cardibi. Cardi B hastily responded to the same response the rapper had referring to Akbar’s children, and surprisingly shared a photo of the leaked video by the WAP artist claiming to be an additional cover of one of Akbar’s albums.

Even so, Akbar V didn’t like it and said ‘Thank you @iamcardib for posting that p**n clip and not telling her about it… For other women who are multi-children, I continue to refer to and raise u as a low-ball in every argument that I don’t raise children. Cardi B also allegedly called Akbar V and tried to contact them to resolve the issue. Still, looking at their tweets, it looks like they haven’t discussed it. Still, her most recent tweet from Cardi hints that she will no longer be involved in the drama.

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