Cardi B blames Twitter users for accusing Saweetie and offsetting cheating.

Beginning in mid-2017, Cardi B began dating rapper Offset. The couple got engaged on October 27, 2017. In his second performance on the live show on Saturday night, April 7, 2018, the singer Wap revealed that she was pregnant and that she was half a year (24 weeks) pregnant at the time. On June 25, 2018, TMZ discovered the artist’s marriage license, which revealed that Cardi B and Offset were married in September 2017, a month before their public proposal.

Cardi B is counterattacking Twitter users after she and her lover, Offset. On Wednesday, her Twitter user, who was recognized as a ‘Nicki Minaj connoisseur’ and professed to be her supposed stylist, sent her a massive amount of hate messages. The individual has been away from the rapper for quite some time to answer when the rapper is asked when she plans to pay in one of her legal suits. A 2020 claim involving an explicitly physically altered bar fight.

‘Why are you lying to me and lying to those girls? All public donations cash won’t cause any problems in recovering anything because they decided to come to me after I got out of jail for stealing 3,000 worth. clothes,’ Cardi B tweeted.

Cardi B fires again after Twitter user accuses her husband of cheating with Saweetie

Cardi B, 29, protected his other significant Offset, 30, on August 24 from the progression of hateful tweets. One Twitter user accused his lover of continuing to pursue the rapper, accusing him of having an affair with rapper Saweetie, 29, who had dated Offset’s fellow Migos member Quavo for five years. ‘It is a lie. She said this in response to the trolls denying the allegations that Offset was unfaithful. ‘You lied crazy from the start and put a female rapper in it. There is no receipt, and the blog has not said anything about this at any time. You came out of jail 5 days ago and in 2 hours you recovered the lie without a receipt. !’

The Twitter troll further charged Offset’s previous drug offenses and possession of weapons in an attack on Cardi B. Once again the rapper I Like It did not hesitate to protect her man. Ouuuuuu my man got several cannabis and gun charges so he’s not a P*ssy he was a scammer… Trying to drive me crazy… Now don’t talk about her husband, Cardi B said.

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