Cardi B & Offset celebrates their son’s first birthday with a major birthday party.

Rapper Offset shared his love for son Wave Set in a social media post on his first birthday. In a sweet post shared by the rapper, he posted a few photos of him and Wave, including when he was born. Offset was an adorable dad to both Kulture and Wave, the children he shares with his wife Cardi B.

Read ahead to learn more about how rapper Offset shares an adorable post for son Wave’s first birthday.

Offset and Cardi B’s Children

Offset may have been in a relationship before meeting Cardi B. But both Cardi and Offset are an amazing pair. Couples often attend one or the other event in public, where you can see a lot of them falling in love. Other than that, the couple shares two adorable children.

The two met in 2016 and got married a year later. The lovely couple shares her 4-year-old daughter, Kulture, and a son, who has just turned 1 year old. Recently, the two shared a sweet note for their son Waveset.

Rapper Offset shares sweet posts on social media for Waveset’s birthday.

It was this Sunday that Cardi B and Offset’s son Wave Set turned one year old. On this day, the proud father left a sweet message on his Instagram. Where he has some pictures of Wave and a 30 second video of him. To show how quickly his son turned 1 year old.

In the video, Offset can be seen holding a baby on the day she was born at the hospital. Another photo he shared showed Offset and small waves in a stroller. While his dad is trying to fix Wave’s hat. Another photo shows Baby Wave sitting on an airplane table. As Offset captioned “MY BIG WAVE IS 1 YEARS OLD TODAY”.

Cardi B’s baby wave set post

Aside from Offset being a caring father, Cardi B is a loving mother to both children. Offset expressed her love in a post for her one-year-old son. Ahead of her son’s first birthday, Cardi B shared a sweet and funny post for her son and husband.

The post had a picture of Offset on one side and a picture of Wave on the other. Along with the photo of the duo’s father and son, Cardi had the caption “He means his daddy mug” in a funny way.

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