Cardi B said a possible collaboration with BTS could be in the works.

Recently, Cardi B released another single ‘Hot Sh*t’ and held a ‘Ask Cardi’ Q&A meeting with fans. During the session, the rapper dropped a lot of bombs, including BTS bias. The hit maker of ‘Bodak Yellow’ is the long-time ARMY of BTS, and when the fan asked who the number one member was, he answered with Jimin’s picture.

In an interview with Variety last year, Cardi B mentioned that she and the young girl Culture truly love BTS, saying, “I like BTS a lot, but I have one thing to tell you. My girlfriend likes BTS a lot. For example, ‘Mom, mom, but [on] Song.’ And I already know what she is talking about.”

In the K-pop world, Prejudice is the most beloved member of the fans of their beloved band. You can see how important Cardi B’s affection for BTS is. As her prejudice became known, BTS fans are currently looking forward to the collaboration between WAP singer Cardi B and Jimin.

Cardi B expresses her gratitude to the band.

Fans of both Cardi B and BTS should know that the two universes collided. Rapper and lyricist Cardi B revealed that the prejudice against BTS is actually Jimin.

Since their first meeting with the band, Cardi B has often expressed their appreciation for the band. Despite a fundamental failure to understand their creations, she tried to become more familiar with the message of the group’s songs.

possible collaboration

Recently, American artists talked about BTS on variety shows. She mentioned how they translated their song to fully appreciate it.

I couldn’t barely understand their song, but enjoy the bobbing we’re doing while we decode. I appreciate getting to know other societies and individuals. Especially because they look after us and support us, so we should help them as well.

The singer I Like It has similarly mentioned in the past that her little girl, Kulture, is a member of BTS ARMY.

Cardi had previously wanted to perform a song with BTS, but it was reported that the work was delayed due to scheduling problems. When asked for information about her future collaboration, she said she was still thinking.

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