Cardi B seems to have had an argument with a fan at the Wireless Festival.

Over the weekend, Cardi B took to the Wireless Festival stage, but for the wrong reason quickly appeared in the news. The Grammy-winning rapper chose to cool off when she joined Megan Thee Stallion for a performance on her hit single “WAP”.

The New York native decided to get a little closer to her audience, but soon videos appeared online in which she pretended to be fighting one of the audience. In the video screened on the huge screen of a highly rated music festival, Cardi B was seen with her arms crossed. However, the 29-year-old female MC explained on her own Twitter that she had “no fights.”

What did Cardi B say in her answer?

Cardi B, who is frequently active on Twitter, has decided to solve the problem on her own, citing the controversy surrounding her Wireless Festival performance and tweeting, “Don’t believe everything you see.” In the released video, Cardi B shows an argument with a fan, and another video uploaded by one fan expresses the rapper differently.

There was no argument, but it seemed that someone grabbed Cardi B’s mic. As the concert goers grabbed her head, she appeared to be leaning her body towards the crowd and swung her microphone towards the crowd. Cardi wrote on her own Twitter, “It wasn’t NO FIGHT! Full content sharing fan-posted videos is on @itsKenBarbie’s page.

Fans of Cardi B were with her.

As Cardi B’s fans flocked to Twitter, one user commented, “I’m not one of Cardi B’s biggest fans, but it’s odd that everyone calls her “Getto” to fight a fan she’s touched inappropriately. Says, “I love CARDI MF’N BBBBBBBB!” One came in. We won’t leave without a fight! Cardi B wins.

A second user tweeted, “We have your back puppets telling the truth. They’ve got you on the mic and you’ve got it again and they try to touch you and you let go. Line! End of story!! Break up with my girl!Isn’t there anyone else to focus on?Another person added.Never get out of the bardigang business.Someone tried to grab the mic but one user wrote a post on it.Another one in conclusion​ “Don’t talk, take it slow,” he added.

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