Cardi B Strikes Back Former UFC Fighter Jake Shields And Andrew Tate

Cardi B came into the spotlight again after applauding a former UFC fighter for his infamous Andrew Tate comparison. Tate was banned on most social media platforms for making hate speech. This is a post by one of the former UFC fighters comparing Cardi B to Tate. It certainly didn’t go well with Cardi.

Read ahead to learn more about Cardi B’s reaction to the former UFC fighter compared to Andrew Tate.

Andrew Tate and his argument

Recently, Andrew Tate, widely known as a kickboxer, drew attention for his comments. When his comparison is with Cardi B, Andrew Tate has gotten a lot of attention for his remarks in the past and eventually got a ban on many social media platforms.

His remarks were hateful and rude to women. One of his comments said that victims of sexual harassment and victims of sexual harassment should be held accountable to some degree. An article that became a hot topic on social media. Even TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are banned.

Former UFC Fighter Cardi B vs Andrew Tate

But years later, Andrew Tate’s controversial remarks are back in the spotlight. The reason goes to former UFC fighter Jake Shields. It was on August 18th that Jake compared Cardi B to Andrew Tate in his tweet. His tweet defended Tate.

In a tweet that still remains on his Twitter page, he says, “People are terrified of little boys looking for Andrew Tate, but totally fine with little girls looking for Cardi B and the Kardashians.” In another tweet, he said, “Cardi B lives his life on drugs, with random men, and with brain-dead idiots.”

Cardi B reacts to Jake Shields’ comments on her.

Cardi B, who posted a commentary on former UFC fighter Jake Shields, endorsed him. Her currently unseen tweet read: “I’m married, I don’t smoke cannabis, I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink Coke, I’m a mother of two and I do a lot of philanthropy. The factory…”. “But hey, let’s put Cardi in to defend the man who advocates misogyny and ra*e.”

However, if you post Cardi B’s comment on Jake Shields, netizens are also waiting for Jake’s reply.

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