Carlos Santana passed out on stage during a concert in Michigan

Legendary guitarist Carlos Santana collapsed during a performance in Michigan on Tuesday evening.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Carlos Santana collapsed during the Michigan show.

Carlos Santana was playing at Clarkston’s Pine Knob Music Theater as part of the Blessings and Miracles Tour.

According to concert audiences, the 74-year-old star had about four or five songs on his set and was playing his hit song Joy when he suddenly collapsed on stage.

Singer Smooth waved to fans earlier this week when his crewmembers were carried on stretchers as they tried to block transport using black sheets.

Someone is said to have asked the shocked crowd to pray for Santana, who is suffering from ‘serious medical’ problems.

Santana manager Michael Vrionis said he received several observations after the guitarist rushed to the emergency room on Tuesday night. He also admitted that the Latin singer is recovering and ‘doing well’.

An official from the artist said, “It was confirmed that Santana collapsed and was showing signs of heat and dehydration while being transported to the hospital.”

Carlos Santana concert information

Carlos Santana was due for his next gig on Wednesday at Star Lake’s Pavilion in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania.

However, in a message on Santana’s Facebook page, he said the concert would be delayed and more updates would be shared via Live Nation.

Santana is known for classic tracks like Evil Ways and Oye Como Va. He was on the Miraculous Supernatural 2022 tour with Earth, Wind & Fire.

Rocker has performed in 32 shows since March 25, and has 19 more dates left on the tour. It will end on August 27th in Tampa, Florida.

The Latin rock star canceled several concerts in Las Vegas last December. He took a break after it became known that he had undergone an ‘unplanned heart operation’.

Santana posted a video clip on her Twitter to explain the situation.

“Last Saturday, I asked my wife, Cindy, to take her to the hospital, because it happened to my heart.’

Then, the star said, ‘I will take a short break to replenish’.

“I’m going to play the way I’ve always been and show 150%. If I can’t do that, I won’t show up.’



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