Casey White claims that he himself was shot in the head, according to police reports.

Alabama murder suspect Casey Cole White said police reports said she was shot in the head while she was dragging her lover Vicky White from the wreckage of a car in which she was lying in prison.

New Documents Filed by the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office independentA 38-year-old man also revealed that there was ‘a trace of blood’ on the back of his head when he was arrested by the police on Monday after 10 days of tracking.

A police officer at the scene said that Mr. White shot herself after the car stopped and appeared to be pulling her hands out the window the moment her prisoner lover pulled the trigger.

Relatives or unmarried whites have been in a relationship for the past two years and were finally tracked down to Evansville, Indiana on Monday afternoon, where they led the police into a raid. The couple’s Cadillac ditched the road.

White surrendered to the authorities and was detained. A 56-year-old prison guard was found with a gunshot wound to his head. She was rushed to the hospital, but a few hours later she was injured and died.

On Tuesday night, the Vanderburgh County coroner concluded White’s death as a suicide, and an autopsy revealed that she died of a gunshot wound to the head.

Several law enforcement officers at the scene of the arrest on Monday submitted supplementary reports to the sheriff’s office.

The report shed new light on White’s final moments, including when she shot herself and what White was doing at the time.

In one report, Evansville police officer Sam Shahine details that while helping the couple pursue Cadillac, he witnessed another officer smash a car on the road.

Officer Shahine said he stopped the car at the scene, got out of the patrol car, pulled out a gun and aimed it at the windshield of the couple’s getaway car.

“I saw a male driver trying to stick his hand out the driver’s window,” the police officer said at the time.

According to the report, police officers ordered the couple to show their hands on several occasions, but the tinting of the windows and the angle of the vehicle made it difficult to see clearly who was inside, the report said.

The officer said he heard a gunshot inside the vehicle while giving verbal orders.

Officer Shahine approached the vehicle and said he saw White in the driver’s seat shouting “Help”.

White said his “wife” shot him in the head after being dragged out of the vehicle by a police officer.

Authorities later confirmed that the two were not married.

When White was detained, officers said they could see a small amount of blood on the back of the fugitive’s head.

White claimed he had also been shot, but urged officers to treat “his wife”.

Police said, “The perpetrator said he was fine and was adamant that he had to take care of his wife.”

It’s unclear whether White was shot or injured when the getaway vehicle overturned and fell into a ditch.

It’s also unclear whether he suggested that he shot himself in some sort of suicide pact with his lover, or whether Miss White shot himself and then shot himself, or was struck by the bullet that killed White.

The officer heard a single gunshot.

Additional reports from other officers also confirmed Officer Shahine’s account that a single gunshot was fired as the officer approached the vehicle after it had stopped.

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