Casey White Orders DNA Samples for Vicky White Prison Break Investigations

Murder suspect Casey White was ordered to provide a DNA sample as part of an investigation into a 10-day prison life that ended in the tragic death of her lover in prison.

Court records show that 38-year-old White was ordered to hand over samples to prosecutors on Friday, May 21, or “as soon as possible.”

Lauderdale County District Attorney Chris Connolly submitted the application with the request, and Lauderdale County District Judge Carole Medley approved on Wednesday.

Neither the consent nor the court order details why the DNA sample is needed, but Attorney Connolly has previously said in his office that his office is investigating other charges against White for a fateful prison escape.

White is currently facing a first-degree jailbreak charge of escaping a Lauderdale County prison on April 29 with the help of her prison lover, Vicky White, and leading a nationwide criminal chase for 10 days.

DA Connolly said earlier. independent White may face new charges for her escape and will not rule out the possibility that charges will be raised over Miss White’s death.

“We plan to prosecute him for mass murder and fleeing and other related charges,” he said.

Prosecutors, who had worked closely with Mr. White during his 17 years as a prison guard, did not elaborate on what the charges were and said they “cannot comment” about the possibility of charges being raised against her death. .

But he said investigators received information from colleagues in Indiana, where the couple was finally arrested on May 9.

White was sent to Alabama’s largest security prison to face trial on two counts of stabbing and killing 58-year-old Connie Ridgeway in 2015.

His trial is due to begin on June 13.

A 38-year-old man was charged in 2020 after confessing to a cold case crime.

If convicted, he is put to death.

Prior to serving his sentence, he was already serving a 75-year sentence after being convicted in 2015 of the crimes of attempting to murder his ex-girlfriend, shooting another woman, imprisoning several victims and shooting a dog.

Whites, not blood or married, led officials in a nationwide chase, taking prisoners from the prison where they worked, claiming that a 56-year-old guard would take them for a mental health assessment.

She told her colleagues that once he was taken to court, he was not feeling well and would be treated on his own.

The pair never made it to court, and White had no scheduled court appearances or appointments for that day.

Hours later, when Ms White was unable to return to prison and her colleagues could not be reached, the alarm went off.

Investigators later learned that the couple had been in a “prison romance” for the past two years, that Mr. White had sold the house, withdrew $90,000 in cash from his bank account, and had filed for retirement days and weeks before the couple disappeared. .

The couple were finally tracked down to Evansville, Indiana, after 10 days of changing vehicles and traveling across at least four states to avoid arrest.

After a brief police chase, officers drove the couple’s getaway vehicle into a ditch off the road.

White surrendered to authorities and a 56-year-old prison guard shot him in the head, officials said.

She died of injuries a few hours later, and her death was determined to be a suicide.

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