Catherine Mayorga loses to Cristiano Ronaldo

An ongoing sexual assault case against popular soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has finally been dismissed by a US judge in Las Vegas. Headlines have been everywhere since Kathryn Mayorga alleged that Ronaldo molested her in a hotel in 2009. Due to these allegations, the ongoing lawsuit has finally been adjudicated. So what did the judge say?

Read ahead to learn more about Cristiano Ronaldo and the judge’s verdict in the rape case.

Catherine Mayor claims Ronaldo raped her

Kathryn Mayorga was a former model and schoolteacher by profession. She has been in the news for a long time, alleging the rape of popular Manchester United footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. She recently filed a lawsuit in court of sexual assault by the soccer player in 2009.

Mayorga and Ronaldo met in 2009 in the VIP area of ​​Las Vegas Rain Nightclub. After that, she claims the incident took place in a hotel. In fact, she later claimed that she suffered from depression and some disabilities after the incident.

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Ronaldo’s reaction to Mayorga’s claims

Cristiano Ronaldo never accepted the allegations posed against him by former model Catherine Mayorga. Her allegations were contrary to what she believed. He decided to erase his name from this. However, it was reported that Kathryn wanted Ronaldo to pay damages through the lawsuit.

According to The Sun, Mayorga want the footballer £56m in damages. But now a US judge has already ruled the rape case against Ronaldo. It seems to be the opposite of what Mayorga said.

US judge dismisses Cristiano Ronaldo rape case

All of these issues in the rape case belonged to Jennifer Dorsey, an American District Judge in Las Vegas. She seems to have made up her mind on this case. As such, Dorsey simply dismissed the case against Ronaldo. The reason turned out to be.

In fact, in a 42-page order, Dorsey revealed that Mayorga’s attorney, Stovall, used the leaked and stolen documents in the case. Used maliciously on charges against Ronaldo. Claiming harmed Ronaldo. This helps Ronaldo finally free himself from these charges.

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