Ceaser Emanuel claims he didn’t abuse his dog. Someone made up for him.

In the video, Ceaser Emanuel repeatedly beats the dog with a folding chair. The video also shows the dog being caged and pushed down a hill.

VH1 severed ties with Emmanuel due to recently discovered footage.

The media company said in a statement: “I have decided to end my relationship with Ceaser Emanuel of Black Ink Crew New York. “This decision will not affect next season as next season is coming to a close.”

Meanwhile, Emmanuel’s attorney, Walter Mosley, admitted that he was a client in the video. He claimed that his client was trying to prevent certain ferocious dogs from harming other animals.

Cesser is a dog lover.

According to Mosley, Cesser is “a passionate dog lover, has several dogs, and has had many dogs and other pets throughout his life.” To my knowledge, there have been several other violent dogs attacking small dogs in this tragic situation, and it seems they lacked judgment on how to properly cut off contact.

“In a way, the video doesn’t show him taking care of the little dog. He probably didn’t do this in the best way possible. So he’s seeking help and assistance to make sure he’s properly caring for himself as a dog owner. We understand all kinds of dogs and how to interact with all of his dogs in a healthier way, but this is definitely a situation he mentioned a long time ago,” the man said.

What is the Black Ink Crew New York show?

The show focuses on the activities of Black Ink Tattoo, Emanuel’s tattoo shop located in the Harlem area of ​​Manhattan. He also owns studios in Houston, Atlanta, Brooklyn and Orlando.

A tenth season of the program is currently in production. Emanuel has been a part of it since the show debuted in 2013.

A VH1 spokesperson said, “We have decided to end our relationship with Caesar Emanuel, who is a member of Black Ink Crew New York.” This choice doesn’t affect next season as production is almost over.

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