Celebrity makeup artist Laney Chantal dies at 33

Famous makeup artist Laney Chantal was found dead earlier this week from an accidental drug overdose. She was 33 years old.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Laney Chantal’s Cause of Death Investigation

Laney Chantal, whose real name is Alaina Chantal Parkhurst, died tragically on Monday, October 31, in Milford, Michigan.

Moreover, her family confirmed the news of her death through a public obituary.

Chantal’s family did not provide much information about her death, but said she died of a drug overdose in an accident.

“They suffered from a variety of mental disorders during their adulthood,” they said.

Aside from that, she has been struggling with mental health related issues for several years now. In addition, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was battling drug addiction.

Nevertheless, the Parkhurst family started a fundraising event to donate the money raised in her memory to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. It is a non-profit venture established to promote research in mental health.

Laney Chantal’s friends and family mourn her death.

Fellow makeup artist Gabriella Accarino pays heartfelt tribute to her late friend Laney Chantal.

‘Raney was more than just a best friend,’ she said. She was my sister and soulmate.’

She was also ‘a genuine, emotional, talented and beautiful soul. We communicated with each other without words. It was the deepest bond I’ve ever felt with someone.’

She wrote, ‘Laney’s art and her spirit are irreplaceable and she has made the world a better place.’

Accarino went on to recall: She said ‘her last memory of her with her was that she was riding her four wheeler until the sun went down on her in Michigan. You deserved the world and were loved by many. You changed my life forever and taught me unconditional love.’

She said, “You were the gift of my life and I will cherish every moment with you. I will hold you in my heart forever, Laney. I know we will meet again.’

In addition, Chantal’s ex-husband expressed regret and regret at the tragic news.

He said: ‘The sadness I am experiencing is beyond words and too much to describe the joy you have brought to the dark world. I mourn your sudden death, but if sadness is the price for the love and happiness we once shared, this pain is worth it.’


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