Chance The Rapper ‘Likes’ explicit trance content. Who is Kirsten Corley?

Chance The Rapper has been ridiculed endlessly on Twitter for her overt social media activity. Fans of the artist have noticed that he likes intimate videos of transgender individuals on stage. To this, netizens heated up the Internet with a ridiculous reaction. On Thursday the 20th, the No Brainer rapper was gaining popularity online for several unacceptable reasons. Chance Rapper doesn’t seem to know that his followers can see what he likes on Twitter. This led him to like transgender blatant video presentations. This isn’t the first time the superstar has been spotted online. NBA coach Doc Waterways has been seen doing similar behavior before. It is important to note that there are no screenshots or any type of confirmation that the 29-year-old artist liked the previously mentioned video.

Anyway, some netizens seem to tell similar stories and confirm his social media activities. Another important user of Chance The Rapper tweeted on Twitter that he was watching what he liked. @chancetherapper, posted on Twitter by another user, has the potential to make your Twitter likes public. You can expect the rapper’s followers to blame him for his adult video decisions. Nevertheless, that didn’t happen. A lot of people thought the situation was funny and the rapper didn’t know that other people could see what he liked on Twitter. Social media platforms have been overwhelmed by the progress of the meme, some even showing the rapper’s potential reaction to what fans learn about his Twitter activity.

Who is Chance Rapper’s Wife?

The Grammy winner is married to Kirsten Corley, and they share a relationship of nearly 10 years. Kirsten Corley is the founder and CEO of World of BOBY, a children’s clothing organization. The brand was launched in July 2018. According to the official site, it was born out of a desire to see more depiction and inclusiveness in the children’s clothing space. Before starting the company, Kristen Corley was a model and basketball player. Kirsten Corley, 29, took first place in the Nike ‘Gotta Shine’ competition and the All Summa x Jordan League.

Between 2014 and 2016, she added models for several brands, including Alexander Wang and Shelby Steiner. Kirsten Corlet and Chance The Rapper started dating in 2013. Nevertheless, the couple met at her mother’s office party when the vocalist was only nine years old. After a brief connection, at that point the two reconnected in 2012 at the Texas South by Southwest Film Festival. The couple got married in March 2019 in Newport Beach, California. They are parents of two children. The duo isn’t shy about PDA’s.

Chance The Rapper’s Twitter Likes Spark Online Memefest

Fans of the rapper can expect to have to spoil him for his adult video choices. Nevertheless, that didn’t happen. A lot of people have thought about how things are funny and how the rapper doesn’t know that other people can see what he likes on his Twitter account. Social media platforms were overwhelmed with the progress of the meme, and likewise showed the rapper’s potential reaction to fans who found out about his Twitter activity. Read a few fan tweets, @crackcobain__ @chancetherapper One user wakes up from a tweet and realizes that everyone has already seen it and doesn’t like it. Citing another user, @thaboyjozu @chancetherapper It is possible that your preferences will be disclosed. Chance was tweeted by a third user after the rapper woke up and saw everyone tagging We can see your likes.

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