Chanel Ayan Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Career, Facts

What is Chanel Ayan’s Net Worth?

Net Worth: 2 million dollars
job: Model
age: 44 years old
origin: USA
bear: June 7, 1978
salary: $100,000 per brand
Last updated: 2022

Chanel Ayan is a Somali and Ethiopian supermodel, television broadcaster and entrepreneur who currently has a net worth of $2 million dollars. Her glamorous socialite is known not only for her elegance and style, but also for her famous talent agency.

Ayan made her first mark in the Kenyan modeling world, appearing in her commercials. bazaar and Coca Cola. Although her modeling career began in Brazil, Dubai’s fame It has many followers in Africa and the Middle East.

She has appeared on the covers of several international editions of Vogue and participated in important advertising campaigns for Emirates and Tourism Dubai, becoming the first black supermodel to appear in a Dubai magazine.

She has worked with high fashion brands such as: Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci Throughout her career, she has posed for magazines such as Vogue and international versions of magazines in Arabia and Italy.

In addition to modeling, Ayan started an entrepreneurial path and launched a cosmetic line called AYAN Beauty. Tony Malt and Ayan Skin.

Ayan has spent most of her adult life modeling and has achieved tremendous success in a highly competitive industry. She also made numerous TV appearances and she was one of the most famous faces on TV. ‘Real housewives in Dubai.’

early life

Chanel Ayan was born Pillott Ayan on 7 June 1980 in Malanba, a small town on the Kenya-Uganda border. Her mother raised her and her five siblings alone because of her father’s drinking problems.

her other brother Apple engineers, And her other brother is a lawyer. Her sister lives in South Africa and works for a tourism company, while the other sister is a nurse in Sweden.

She studied at a local private school in Kenya. She grew up in Kenya and Uganda and became interested in modeling when her Swedish cousin convinced her that she had the potential to become her supermodel. She also gave her fashion magazines to help her improve her modeling skills. she started later Participation in modeling competition.


Ayan started appearing in Kenyan commercials for Bazaar, Coca-Cola and Bazaar. she moving to brazil And at the age of 17, she moved to New York to work as an elite model. She has appeared on several shows in New York, including Michael Kors’s show and Moschino’s show. Her first Vogue cover was in the US, followed by Vogue Italia in the UK.


Ayan’s career began when he moved to Dubai in 2005. first black model featured on magazine cover. She has been involved in campaigns for Emirates and Tourism Dubai.

Since then, she has been the face of major fashion brands such as Chanel, Amato Couture, Moschino, Dior, Dolce Gabbana, Van Clef, and Louis Vuitton. she said, “It’s amazing to be wearing a million dollar earrings and a ten million dollar chain.”

she works with Rihanna’s Fenty Cosmetics The annual face of Swiss luxury watch Piaget while in Dubai for a commercial shoot for the Fenty makeup brand.

Other Ventures

In addition to modeling, Ayan has appeared in several unscripted TV shows. She appeared in season 1. “Real housewives in Dubai” 2022 together Dr. Sara Al Madani, Nina Ali, Caroline Brooks, Caroline Stanbury, Lesa Milan Hall.

she is also Co-founded Dubai Model Camp And they’ve given you great advice on how to present yourself as an ambitious model in today’s society, and one thing is for sure, confidence is key. She also owns a talent agency and is the founder of AYAN for Toni Malt Makeup.

personal life

At the age of 18, Ayan came to Brazil to pursue a modeling career. There she met her and fell in love. love with luca salvesFellow model and occasional artist from Idaho.

They got married and immigrated to the United States before settling in the UAE. She didn’t have a grand wedding, she just I spent twenty dollars on her gown. A small wedding was held with 15 guests. Salves and Ayan have a 14-year-old son, Taj. Taj has already followed in the footsteps of his parents and started modeling. Taj recently appeared on Vogue Arabia.


  • Her real name is Pillott Ayan.
  • She changed her name to Chanel after seeing a movie about her ancestry, where the character Chanel means ‘lucky’ in Somali.
  • Ayan has lived in Dubai for the past 18 years and seems shocked by the development of the city.
  • Chanel and Luca have homes in Dubai, USA and Kenya.
  • Chanel and Luca have been married for 22 years.
  • Chanel can dine in lavish restaurants such as Gaia, Scalini Dubai and Arts Club.
  • Chanel also loves to travel, visiting Budapest, India, Bali, Georgia, Prague, Tokyo, Paris, Greece and Portugal.

Chanel Ayan net worth

Chanel Ayan’s net worth is estimated at around $2 million. Ayan is considered the first supermodel in Dubai to make a name for herself in one of the world’s most luxurious cities in the past 18 years. Chanel’s annual income is $500,000, and it charges about $100,000 per brand.

Chanel Ayan’s success comes from decades of modeling experience with Dior, Valentino and Versace. But her greatest achievement was to become a muse for Amato Couture, one of the most prominent designers in the world. She has since established her own talent agency and launched Toni Malt’s beauty product Ayan Beauty.

Her successful modeling career has contributed to her fortune along with sponsorship as she has 218,000 Instagram followers, thanks to her growing business interests and especially several TV appearances like RHOD. She is sure to gain more global recognition in the future as she inflates her worth and wealth.

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