Chaos and chaos reigns over Ryan Blaney’s All-Star race win

by Bob Folkras
FOX Sports NASCAR Author

Fort Worth, Texas – Ryan Blaney He thought he had won the NASCAR All-Star Race in the first checkered flag. Then he thought he might have lost it. then he There was a sense of victory as the checkered flag flew – Second – from NASCAR all-star race

Confused? You are not the only one.

NASCAR’s special rule for the All-Star Race is that you must finish under the green. As Blaney tried to cross the finish line, NASCAR Ricky Stenhouse Jr.

Blaney thought he had won the race. He would have had to follow the usual racing rules. And lowered the window nets that protect the driver’s arms from falling out of the car during an accident.

Immediately after he thought he had won, he was told he didn’t win. Not only was he bewildered by the fact that he didn’t win, he had to hang a window mesh before the race, something the other crew had done.

Blaney was able to get the window net to a level that NASCAR was happy with. Danny Hamlin From the 2-lap race to the finish line to win the All-Star Race and $1 million in prize money.

“I got mad for about three seconds that the match wasn’t over yet, and then I was like, “Oh, s— my window sill is down and I have another problem I have to deal with. “It seemed a little bit out of my head to get mad at the fact that the race wasn’t over,” Blaney said. “

Ryan Blaney Wins 2022 All-Star Race

Ryan Blaney Wins 2022 All-Star Race

After a late week, Ryan Blaney stops Austin Cindric, Denny Hamlin, for winning his first All-Star Race in Texas.

Three lessons from Texas’ chaotic nights:

Hamlin was angry, but Blaney was not.

Hamlin said NASCAR didn’t follow the rules because there was no way for drivers to safely lock window nets inside a car. He said he would have done exactly what Blaney did. And Blaney was carefully stripped of the race, but that’s, um, the rule.

“This is not Danny Hamlin’s judgment.” said Hamlin. “I’m just saying whatever the rules are, let’s be consistent and play by the rules.

“It’s a pity he made a mistake. He should have won the race. He was 100 yards away from winning the race. But many cars don’t win the race either because of a green-white check or because of a mistake when starting over at the end. couldn’t..

“It happens. All I’m asking is that we know the rules and we play by the rules.”

Hamlin said they were almost wrecked in their last restart.

“We almost fell. [Turn] 2″ Hamlin said, “So when I sent him first when traffic and window nets were down, I don’t know. … you can’t go back in the car. It’s impossible.”

Blaney felt secure and satisfactorily installed the mesh. He said he wouldn’t put him in a pit no matter what, unless NASCAR forces him to go into it.

“I’ve taken every precaution to fix that,” Blaney said. “Finally didn’t get it. Finally I got it from the front stretch with the pick. [of lanes coming] And we have less than a lap left to do it.”

NASCAR admits the race should have been over

NASCAR Competition Senior Vice President Scott Miller has told Stenhouse that the race must be over before a warning is thrown.

“Everyone knows we called that yellow flag too soon,” Miller said. “The way it works in the tower is that we are all watching around the racetrack. Obviously, the race manager holding the button and calling is the final decision when the yellow goes out.

“We’re all watching. And we saw the car and leaned against the wall and mentioned the car. While going straight down the wall the race manager looked up and I’m not sure what he saw but he took it out immediately. So I wish we hadn’t done that, but we did.”

Miller said that if Blaney had felt he didn’t lock the window nets, he would have said he had to make a hole in it.

“When we got to the green, he was warming up the tires right from the back,” Miller said. “He was warming up the tires with both hands on the wheel and I could clearly see the window nets going up.”

“There’s no way to know if he’s 100% locked or not, and there’s no way to be sure he isn’t locked at that point, so there’s no way to call him a pit.”

big one

A terrifying event at the beginning of the race kyle bush The right rear tire went flat and he slowed down on the track. Ross Chastain It cut him off, soared into the air, and landed back on the track and crashed. Chase Elliott.

Busch won Stage 1 and had the best car early in the race, but after the accident everything went in vain.

No driver was injured.

“I guessed left … I froze in the moment. If you keep looking from where you’re focusing on the point of contact, you’re going to hit it,” Chastain said. “And I looked at his driver’s door, and that’s where I drove.

“I should have reflexively turned right around him.”

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