Cheryl Burke to leave ‘Dancing with the Stars’ after 26 seasons

Celebrity dancer Cheryl Burke from the reality show Dancing With The Stars is stepping down from the show. Cheryl has long been one of the professional dancers on the show. Her decision to leave the show shocked everyone. Recently, she announced her departure through social media. But why is Cheryl Burke leaving Dancing with the Stars?

Read ahead to learn more about Cheryl Burke leaving the show Dancing With The Stars.

Cheryl Burke and her relationship with Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars has been one of the most amazing dance reality shows that has been going on in a long time. The show started back in 2005. Since then, the show has had about 31 seasons. In this show, we get a celebrity paired up with a professional dancer to compete against another pair.

One of Dancing With The Stars’ most talented dancers is Cheryl Burke. Her association with the show was that she was the first female professional to ever win the show. She was also the show’s two-time winner, and won too consecutively.

Cheryl Burke leaving Dancing with the Stars

Recently, on November 20, 2022, a professional dancer from Dancing with the Stars announced his departure. She broke the news on her own Instagram that she was a professional dancer on the show for 17 years, then 26 seasons. She is now finally leaving the show.

In Cheryl’s Instagram post, she shared her experience of being on the show for a long time. She finally said she would perform on her 31st season finale. However, the news that she was leaving the show came as a shock to everyone as Cheryl has been an active and talented dancer for several seasons.

Why is Cheryl Burke leaving Dance With The Stars?

Cheryl Burke has been working with Dancing With The Stars for the past 17 years. She was a great dancer and even proved it on her show. Her decision to leave the show is definitely a difficult one for her. She called her decision to leave Dancing With The Stars “another decision”.

Meanwhile, she has pulled out of Dancing With The Stars because she wants to take care of her mental health now. Her passion and love for her podcasts, trying new things in her life, may be why she had to walk away from her show.

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