China brags that repressive lockdown will stop monkey pox.

China’s state-owned Global Times It boasted that the repressive coronavirus lockdown imposed on Chinese cities on Monday will stop monkeypox, a disease that is spreading slowly in parts of the world.

The Chinese Communist Party newspaper confidently declared that such a spread would not occur in a closed China, citing warnings from the World Health Organization (WHO) that a monkeypox infection could spread during the summer holidays.

So far, no cases have been reported from China, but Chinese research institutes and experts are closely watching. Rare cases outside of Africa’s known epidemic areas pose a risk to China, suggesting a potential epidemic in the area.

As many countries lift international travel bans, the risk of continuing transmission is high, an expert from China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told The Global Times on condition of anonymity.

as Global Times Although congratulations to Chinese officials for distributing test kits and limiting travel to stem the pandemic threat, monkey pox is not as contagious or dangerous as the Chinese coronavirus and existing smallpox vaccines are generally effective treatments.

that much Global Times It hints at a politically sensitive hypothesis that is starting to grab the attention of the Western media that the Monkey-Doo outbreak could be traced to several specific “super-spreader” events in Europe. frown From China:

Monkeypox is currently being transmitted as a sexually transmitted disease, as most cases are found in sexual health services, according to WHO infectious disease expert David Heymann.

CDC experts say that China’s [Chinese coronavirus] Taking control measures and significantly reducing international entry will minimize the risk of infection in China.

Dr. David Heymann is a World Health Organization (WHO) advisor and former head of department, but not a current WHO official. Global Times claimed. On Friday, Heyman chaired a meeting of the WHO advisory group to assess the current monkey chickenpox outbreak. Configuration About 100 cases have spread across the United States, Europe and Australia. So far, no deaths have been reported.

Heymann’s group concluded that there was no evidence that monkeypox, which usually infects moderate numbers of humans in parts of Africa each year, became more contagious. Instead, the “very unusual” outbreak appears to be traceable to “sexual transmission between gay and bisexual men in two raves in Spain and Belgium.”

“We know that monkey pox can spread through close contact with lesions from an infected person,” Heyman explains, “and sexual contact now appears to amplify that transmission.” AP communication (AP) Monday.

Heymann made it clear that monkey pox is not, in itself, a sexually transmitted disease (STD). It spreads through close contact, including respiratory droplets and secretions from the ulcers that characterize the disease. Activities that lead to this close contact naturally allow the monkey head to spread faster.

German government health officials developed the same theory in a report the AP said in the report that the four confirmed cases of monkey chickenpox in Germany were associated with “party events involving sexual activity in Gran Canaria and Berlin.” Spanish health authorities are investigating a possible connection between their outbreak and gay pride events in the Canary Islands.

“British officials say a ‘significant percentage’ of UK and European cases occurred among young men with no history of travel to Africa and who had sex with gay, bisexual or male men. Authorities in Portugal and Spain also said the outbreak occurred in men who had sex primarily with other men, and the infection was discovered when they contacted a sexual health clinic for help with the lesion.” AP pointed out.

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